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Bahamut Battle FFV
"Battle 2"
FFV Battle 2
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"Battle 2" (バトル2, Batoru 2?), also known as "The Fierce Battle", is the main boss theme of Final Fantasy V. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

Game appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy VEdit

V The theme plays in boss battles, although some bosses, like Gilgamesh, have their own themes.

The main antagonist Exdeath has his own battle theme titled "The Decisive Battle" that has the beats of "Battle 2" mixed within.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit


The boss battle theme of Deltascape
FFXIV FFV Battle 2
Trouble with the audio sample?

An arrangement serves as the background music for Deltascape V1.0, Deltascape V2.0, and Deltascape V3.0.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit


Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015)Edit

Dissidia The track is called "The Fierce Battle" on the soundtrack. The new techno arrangement is the default version, but the track from the SNES version is also available from the in-game shop for 3,600 gil.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit


Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street PortableEdit

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