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The Battery Mimic is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII found in the Barheim Passage. It eats the electricity that powers the route and if the electricity is completely gone, it gets pitch black and Zombies and Skull Defenders appear. When one is defeated, 30% of the power is recharged.

Bestiary entryEdit

Page 1: ObservationsEdit

What a strange manner of creature, to so readily absorb the crackling power of electricity! Having absorbed an appropriate amount of nourishment from their feast of lightning, they discharge spectacularly, this being their primary form of excretion. Forgoing food of substance, their life-span is pitifully short.

Page 2: Aletap RumorsEdit


Final Fantasy XII enemy stats
#033#034 #035
Location Species Aggression Movement type Rare Game Other information
Barheim Passage (Great Central Passage, Great Eastern Passage, Op Sector 29, Op Sector 36, Op Sector 37, Special Op Sector 3, The Zeviah Subterrane) Insect/Mimic Aggressive (attacks on detection) Ground (Speed: Normal) N/A N/A
Level HP MP Strength Magick Power
7 520 130 13 8
Vitality Speed Attack Power Defense Magick Resist
19 13 14 8 7
Evade EXP LP CP Gil
0 165 2 41 0
Elemental affinities
FFXII Fire Icon FFXII Ice Icon FFXII Thunder Icon FFXII Water Icon FFXII Wind Icon FFXII Earth Icon FFXII Dark Icon FFXII Holy Icon
100% 150% -100%Absorbs 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Statuses and immunities*% refers to chance to spawn under status
FFXII Stone Icon FFXII Stop Icon FFXII KO Icon FFXII Confuse Icon FFXII Reverse Icon FFXII Sleep Icon FFXII Blind Icon FFXII Poison Icon
Immune 0% 0% 0% 0% Immune 0% Immune
FFXII Silence Icon FFXII Oil Icon FFXII Disease Icon FFXII Disable Icon FFXII Immobilize Icon FFXII Sap Icon FFXII Slow Icon FFXII Lure Icon
0% 0% 0% 0% Immune 0% 0% Immune
FFXII Libra Icon FFXII Bravery Icon FFXII Faith Icon FFXII Protect Icon FFXII Shell Icon FFXII Haste Icon FFXII Regen Icon FFXII Invisible Icon
0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
FFXII Reflect Icon Immunities granted by Safety
0% Enemy does not have innate Safety augment
Item dropped Steal Poach

[30%] Monograph: [[Loot (Final Fantasy XII)#Pebble|Pebble]] (Knight)
[3%] Canopic Jar: [[Loot (Final Fantasy XII)#Arcana|Arcana]]
Attacks Magicks Technicks Augments Items
Normal Attack

Charge time: 25
Max Combo hits: 2 (10%)
Added elemental damage: Lightning

None Lunge, Charge, Discharge None None

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Battery Mimic FFXII


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