The Batterfly is an enemy in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light.

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Part I Edit

The Batterfly is usually found in the areas near Arbor and inside the Fairy Path. The player should watch out for its Flutter Effect ability, which can inflict confuse on a party member. The player should also have some Eye Drops in their inventory, since the enemy may inflict blindness with its physical attacks. It can be defeated quickly by attacking it with the Fire spell and standard physical attacks. After Part II begins, the Batterfly is replaced with the Giant Moth enemy.

Part II Edit

The Batterfly can only be found inside the Trial Tower bonus dungeon. The enemy often attacks in groups. The Batterfly now has access to abilities that inflict sleep, confuse, and blindness on the party, so it is highly advised of the player to have Esuna in their inventory. It is still weak to fire-elemental attacks, so the player should attack with Firaga and fire-elemental weapons.

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