It's a new adventure!

The wind is calling me.

Don't follow a path. Make your own.

Never lose your sense of adventure.

Ugh...I'm still in.
when HP is low

When the going gets tough...
when HP is low

A worthy opponent!
when opponent is stronger

This is exciting!
when opponent is stronger

You can run if you want.
when opponent is weaker

C'mon, Show me what you've got.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

Alright, I'll get ya into shape.

This will be a breeze.

Let's make this a great match.

I'm getting fired up!

I'm not gonna lose!

Oh yeah! I'm excited!
when opponent is stronger

No holding back!
when opponent is stronger

Could I be in a bind?
when HP is low

Time to show what I'm made of!
when HP is low

No time-outs in a duel.

A gentle wind's a-blowing!

I can handle them myself!
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle.

I'll keep on winning, ya know!
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle.

Ehh, I'm tired of waiting.
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

Now for the title match!
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Dissidia NTEdit

When life gives you lemons, squeeze 'em dry!

Yet another stop on my journey!

Like they say, "no road is long with good company."

Any way the wind blows, that's the way I go!

Times are wasting! Let's get this show on the road!

Don't push yourselves too hard out there. Got it?

Encounters: Character SpecificEdit


"Light...give me strength!" ...or whatever.
Warrior of Light

Don't you like anything other than fighting?

Mimicking you is no easy task!

Wanting to rule everything is just being greedy.
The Emperor

Guess I was once that small, too.
Onion Knight

Oooh, the clouds are getting dark.
Cloud of Darkness

You are who you are! Believe in yourself!

You should take a trip and forget your troubles!

Hey! I am looking good!

The world will always be reborn!

You've got to have the courage to act.

Looks like you're having fun.

Just act before you have time to worry!

That is one long sword.

Would it kill you to smile sometimes?

Must be nifty to be able to stop time.

This match is mine.

You sure like floating around.

Hey, teach me some new moves!

Let's fight like men!

Sorry if I make you trip!

How 'bout we end the suffering?

Let's finish this-one on one!

Dissidia 012Edit

You're not the only warrior of light here!
Warrior of Light

Don't you get tired, fighting all the time?

Let's take it easy now.

Like they say, "You can't steal our freedom."
The Emperor

Have fun while you can!
Onion Knight

So, do you feed those snakes?
Cloud of Darkness

You don't have to go hiding your face too.

No ambushing up in the clouds, okay?

You're gonna get a headache, thinking too much.

How's about we have a staring contest?

Exdeath, let's do this!

Don't go running off!

It's no fun just standing around, right?

What is it with you and destroying things?

"Not interested..." or whatever.

Maybe I'll try fighting with my fists, too!

Aren't you afraid of that sword breaking?

C'mon, Squall, perk up!

Wow! That's some arsenal you got there!

You gonna turn back time to... rejuvenate?

I can't lose to you, Zidane!

Maybe I should take up dancing too.

A ball game sounds like fun!

Fighting with a partner. . .

Hm? You don't use a ball?

Gotta be careful not to trip over you.

Sounds like you're the oldest one here

The skies are pretty scary if you ask me.

You wanna go looking for some fun?

Don't think, just fight!

Let's see if you can handle everything I got!

It's time to return the wind to the world!
Feral Chaos

Encounters: Story Specific Edit

Side Story: The Duel of Dreams
Gilgamesh: "How long I have waited, for this chance!"
Bartz: "Not sure what your deal is, but bring it on!"

Side Story: The Duel of Dreams!
Bartz: "How long I have waited, for this chance!"
Gilgamesh: "At last! Let battle be joined!"

Side Story: Singer of the End -2-
Bartz: "If you want a fight, get ready for a good one!"
Kuja: "Yes, no need for half measures."

Light to All: A Treasure Hunt
Golbez: "How can you not see through false radiance?"
Bartz: "I'm not givin' this to you no matter what you say."

Light to All: A Treasure Hunt
Exdeath: "There is nowhere to run."
Bartz: "I said I was taking you on!"

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Exdeath: "Prepare to disappear into the Void!"
Bartz: "Right after I get done with you!"

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
The Emperor: "Grovel before my unrivaled power!"
Bartz: "Try saying that after I’m through with you."

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Garland: "There is no escaping the cycle!"
Bartz: "There’s no way I’m running away now!"


Let's go.
when using Ascendent Lance

Got it!... That should do it.
when using Climbarrel

There! Yeah, over!
when using Hazard Raid

Get back here!... That's a wrap!
when using Reel Impulse

when using Storm Shot

Another one! Come on!
when using Slidehazzard

Another one! Soar!
when using Slide Shooter

when using Holy

Ha! There it is!
when using Rush Impact

Stay down!
when using Blade Crash

Darkness!... Drink of anguish!
when using Soul Eater

when using Flood

Here we go!
when using Wind Shear

Cleansing light!
when using Paladin Force

Show your flames!
when using Hellfire

when using Dark Flame

Get 'em!
when using Ragnarok Blade

when using Luminous Shard

Scorch! Detonate!
when using Flare

The wind is with me!
when activating EX Mode

Here we go!
when EX Burst begins

The four essences!
when EX Burst is performed

Let's go... For a shining world!
when EX Burst is performed

The wind is picking up!
when activating EX Revenge

Just for a bit!
when used as Assist


Burn this whole place to the ground!

Shove your ice crystals through their hearts!

Stun them with a few bolts to the head!

Cut our foes to ribbons!

Wake up and send them to a watery grave!

We're awaiting your judgment!

Show them just how frightening you can be!

Sample VoicesEdit

Oh man.

Winds arise!

Take flight!

The wandering heart.

Bring me wisdom!



Oh, what a rush!

The winds of victory are blowing my way!

I'll protect everyone.

There's no end to an adventure.

The winds still blowing.
when HP is low

All's well that ends well!
when HP is low

Hey, I'm not so bad!
when opponent is stronger

This is what I call an adventure!
when opponent is stronger

Don't feel bad. There's always next time!
when opponent is weaker

We'll run into each other again someday.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

Yeah! I'm on a roll!

You sure gave me a run for my gil!

Don't worry, everybody has a bad day!

Gotta show off a little right?

Come at me all you want, but I'll still win!

I just might be a genius!
when opponent is stronger

Sorry, it was just dumb luck I tell ya!
when opponent is stronger

The wind's blowing in my favor.
when HP is low

Dissidia NTEdit

I haven't had that much fun in a long time.

Time flies when you're having fun, but... yeesh!

Come back for a rematch once your wounds heal!



One more try...

Ugh...I'm finished...

Aw man, I just can't win!

Giving the biggest threat to an adventure...

I'll wait for the next wind to blow.

Needed a quick break...

I was so close.
when opponent is stronger

Back to square one.
when opponent is stronger

This time didn't count, right?
when opponent is weaker

Guess I've gotta suck it up.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

I was too careless


The wind's shifted...

You really overdid it.

Maybe I should go train.

I'm not gonna croak so easily.

So, this is what it comes down to.

Dissidia NTEdit

Will the wind's power ever return?