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Castle of Baron from the PSP version.
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Baron at Night
Concept artwork of Baron at night.
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Baron Castle is the ruling seat of the kingdom of Baron, ruled by the King of Baron, in Final Fantasy IV. Notable residents include the King's adopted son Cecil Harvey, Lord Captain of the Red Wings air fleet, Kain Highwind, Commander of the Baron Dragoons, and Rosa Joanna Farrell, a powerful White Mage. Neighboring castles include Damcyan to the north and Fabul to the northeast.

The Castle of Baron serves as the site plot-critical climaxes in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, as its ruling powers are often directly embroiled in whatever conflict the world is facing, and the castle serves as the antagonist's initial base of operations in both games. Final Fantasy IV begins at the castle and returning to it is a major plot point for the first part of the game. In The After Years, suspicion and concern about Cecil and Baron prompt many of the scattered party members to set out to the castle to investigate.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

FF4 PSP Baron Castle
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Cecil, captain of the Red Wings, returns to Baron Castle after attacking Mysidia and seizing their Crystal of Water. Cecil hands the Crystal over to Baigan, but questions the King on why he would order an attack on innocents. The King, displeased with Cecil questioning orders and taking it as a sign of insubordination, strips him of his rank and orders him to deliver a Carnelian Signet to Mist if Cecil wishes to earn his favor again. When Kain attempts to defend Cecil he is told to accompany him.

IV Departure
Cecil and Kain depart for Mist.
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After Cecil becomes a Paladin and returns to Baron to claim an airship to challenge the Red Wings and their new captain, Golbez, on equal terms, he sneaks into the castle and discovers Baigan has become a monster and is a servant of Golbez. After killing him Cecil confronts the King, who reveals he is Cagnazzo, an Archfiend and servant of Golbez, who killed the true King some time ago and has been impersonating him so Golbez could use Baron to collect the Crystals. Cecil kills Cagnazzo, and Cid Pollendina, the master airship builder of the kingdom unearths his airship Enterprise. However, the Mysidian mages Palom and Porom are forced to petrify themselves to save Cecil and his other allies from a trap set by Cagnazzo.

The party returns to the castle two other times in the game for short visits - once when Rosa teleports the party out of the collapsing Tower of Zot, and later when they need Cid's workers to attach a hook to the Enterprise so it can pick up and transport the Hovercraft. At the end of the game, Cecil and Rosa are wed and named King and Queen of Baron, inviting the other party members to come to their coronation at the castle.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

After having a dream at the start of the game, Cecil is awoken by Rosa due to him flailing about like he was having a nightmare. Rosa tells Cecil that today is the ceremony to celebrate the reconstruction of Damcyan and the Red Wings are waiting for them. Soon after, they both embark on the airship and fly towards Damcyan.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

TAY Novel Art 1 - Attack on Baron
Baron under attack in The After Years novelization.
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The castle is attacked by monsters, and Cecil, Rosa and Cid fight them off before Cecil orders Cid to take Rosa to safety on the Enterprise. Bahamut descends from the True Moon, a Mysterious Girl riding on him. Cecil is defeated by Bahamut, but the Mysterious Girl does not kill him as she has a use for him. Cecil is brainwashed to be used as her servant, and the Mysterious Girl uses Baron Castle as her base of operations from which to deploy the Red Wings to gather the Crystals for her.

When Ceodore and the Hooded Man return to the castle to investigate the attack, the Hooded Man finds Cecil acting suspicious and takes Ceodore from the castle as he worries something is amiss. Later, Kain follows the Mysterious Girl into the castle and pledges his allegiance to her if she allows him to duel and kill Cecil once he gets the Crystals for her. After Kain seizes the Crystals from Damcyan and Fabul, he captures Rosa from Damcyan and races back to Baron to kill Cecil before her eyes. Ceodore, Cid, Edward and the Hooded Man pursue them aboard the Enterprise and chase Kain into the castle.

In the antechamber they catch up to Kain and Rosa and the Hooded Man confronts Kain. It is revealed Kain is actually Dark Kain, Kain's darkness and repressed desires incarnate, and the Hooded Man is the true Kain who has been seeking to slay him. Kain duels Dark Kain and emerges victorious, absorbing him into his heart again as he's learned not to shut away his dark past since it will always be part of who he is. In recognition of his trials, the spirit of Kluya on the Mt. Ordeals shrine transforms Kain into a Holy Dragoon.

The group continues on to the throne room and confront Cecil and the Mysterious Girl. Cecil battles the group using the Mysterious Girl's power to call Odin to fight them. The spirit of the King of Baron awakens within Odin, recognizes the party as his "children of Baron", and refuses to harm them, turning on Cecil and breaking the Mysterious Girl's control over him.

Rydia, Luca and Edge Geraldine rush into the throne room with the Man in Black, who reveals his identity as Golbez, returned to help them fight off the Mysterious Girl. The combined group engages the girl and kills her, but more Mysterious Girls appear and they leave with the Crystals. The united party takes Cecil to the Lunar Whale and departs for the True Moon to find the Mysterious Girls and retrieve the Crystals.

After the voyage to the moon where the party felled the Creator of the Mysterious Girls, Cecil and Rosa again sit on the throne of Baron. Kain is appointed the captain of the Red Wings, and he and Ceodore head out with Luca and Cid on an expedition.



In Final Fantasy IV, the party can enter the eastern tower's basement to find the spirit of the King of Baron on a throne in a small chamber. After visiting the Feymarch, Odin will battle the party to determine their strength, and if defeated will allow Rydia to summon him.


Waterway ExitEdit

Waterway passage to baron castle ios
The waterway exit to the castle.
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The last exit of the Ancient Waterway's B1 leads here. It is a secret passageway to the castle. By going straight through the water, then turning right, the player will see a small opening up ahead that leads to the courtyard of the west tower.


1F Baron Castle Kain Cecil ffiv ios
Kain and Cecil.
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This is the first room accessible from the castle's main entrance. Red Wings soldiers occupy the west side of the floor, and while the Dragoons are on the east side. After Cecil speaks with the king in the beginning of the game, prompting Kain will trigger a flashback cutscene.


Twins sacrifice ffiv ios
The twins turned into stone.
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It is the passage after the castle's main building, and leads to the castle's throne room. After Cagnazzo is defeated and the party attempt to escape and find Cid, the archfiend traps them by closing in the walls. The twins have no choice but to petrify themselves for the rest not to get crushed. When the player is back in control again, they can prompt the statues, but no item can revive the twins. After the events of the Giant of Babil, the statues will be gone.

Throne RoomEdit

Baron Castle Throne Room iOS
Cecil and Kain inside the throne room.
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After Cecil raids Mysidia and the Water Crystal has been obtained, Baigan will lead him to the castle's throne room. The king procures the crystal from Cecil, but Cecil questions his real motives. At this, the king is angered and relieves Cecil of his captainship, sending Cecil to Mist instead. Kain steps in to try to appease the king in vain, and is sent along with Cecil. After Cagnazzo's defeat, the two sentinels guarding the empty throne promise to Cecil that "a fiend will never again be allowed to befoul the throne."

Black Mage LabEdit

Black Mage Lab FFIV
The Black Mage lab.
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It is the chamber located just before the throne room, to the left. Baron's black mages study in a room opposite the white mages' lab. A seemingly incompetent mage attempts to turn Cecil into a pig with the misspoken, "Piggy!" but ends up casting Mini instead. After the events of Mount Ordeals, a black mage will comment about Meteor and how "the tomes spoke true."

White Mage LabEdit

White Mage Lab FFIV
The White Mage lab.
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It is the chamber located just before the throne room, to the right. Baron's white mages study in a room opposite the black mages' lab. Here a mage informs Cecil of the reasons why Rosa chose to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a white mage.


Baron Castle Dungeon FFIV IOS
The Baron Castle Dungeon.
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The player can visit Baron Castle's dungeon in the beginning of the game, which is located just before the West Tower. The dungeon is guarded by a sentinel. Black and White Mages from Mysidia are shown imprisoned, but after Cagnazzo's defeat, the cells will be empty. The guard then will also tell the player that he awaits the day when dungeons will no longer be needed.

West TowerEdit

Baron West Tower 1F
The West Tower.
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The entrance is just right beside the infirmary's. It is a treasureless part of the castle, and only serves as a way to Cecil's bedroom, which is in the highest floor.

Cecil's BedchamberEdit

Cecil Bed FFIV IOS
Cecil inside his room.
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Located in the castle's west tower, a number of events happen here. In the beginning of the game, Cecil takes a rest after the Mysidian raid and is approached by Rosa, who confronts him about his doubts. To escape the Tower of Zot, Rosa Teleports the party here, and Kain also hands over the Key of Magma to the party before they head to Agart. This room is also shown in the ending cutscene, just right before Cecil and Rosa's wedding, when Cecil claims to hear his brother's voice.


Infirmary Baron Castle
The infirmary.
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The infirmary is accessible by the door on the right of the West Tower's entrance. It wards two Baron soldiers, and it is also where some other soldiers are talking around a table.

Observation PlatformEdit

Baron Castle Courtyard
Baron Castle's Observation Platform.
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Baron Castle's Observation Platform is accessible from the West Tower, then to the castle's Infirmary. Before the events of the Giant of Babil, it is vacant and unguarded. In the 3D remakes, the HP+50% augment will be obtained here after the giant's attack from a patrolling soldier who asks Cecil to return alive.

East TowerEdit

Baron East Tower 2F
The East Tower.
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East B2 Odin Challenge
The chamber where Odin is faced.
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In the first part of the game, this part of the castle is guarded by a sentinel. It is inaccessible before the party defeats Cagnazzo, but the tower contains a lot of treasure chests the player can then plunder.

In Baron Castle's 1F, given that the player has defeated Cagnazzo, the sentinel guarding the treasure trove will inform them that he hears a voice very much like the late king's, coming from the east tower's basement. If the party tries to run through the east tower's B2, they will be stopped halfway, as an "unknown force" blocks them. Unless the player has earned the right to summon both Leviathan and Asura back in the Feymarch, they cannot trigger a scene. The scene shows the late king of Baron, and he reveals that his spirit has lived on to become the summon Odin. Should the player choose to face him and emerge victorious, Odin can now be called by Rydia. He then gives his blessings to Cecil.


Inside the Castle of Baron.
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Final Fantasy IVEdit

Cure1 x3
Cure2 x3
Ether1 x4 Ether
Life x3
Tent x3
300 accumulated GP 480 accumulated Gil

(Note, in the beginning of the game, players can only get 1 Cure1, 1 Tent, and 300 GP in the SNES version. In the DS version, this changes to 1 Ether, 1 Tent, and 480 Gil).

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-Edit

  • 4800 gil
  • Dry Ether
  • Tent

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit

Ceodore's TaleEdit

Kain's TaleEdit

  • X-Potion x2
  • Hermes Sandals
  • Echo Herbs
  • White Fang
  • Red Fang
  • Bronze Hourglass
  • Bacchus's Wine
  • Remedy x2
  • Phoenix Down
  • Hi-Potion
  • Heavenly Wrath
  • Cottage

Enemy formationsEdit

Baron ios world map
Baron on the World Map.
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Final Fantasy IVEdit

Baigan, Left Arm, RightArm (boss) Baigan, Left Arm, RightArm (boss) Baigan, Left Arm, Right Arm (boss) Baigan, Left Arm, Right Arm (boss)
Kainazzo (boss) Cagnazzo (boss) Cagnazzo (boss) Cagnazzo (boss)
Odin (boss) Odin (boss) Odin (boss) Odin (boss)

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit


Castle - Observation Platform

Note: all these battles are scripted encounters


Castle - Right Tower 1F - 3F

B1F - B2F

Kain's TaleEdit

The CrystalsEdit


"Kingdom Baron" from the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV
FFIV Baron Castle
Trouble with the audio sample?

The background music that plays inside Baron Castle is called "Kingdom Baron".

Other AppearancesEdit

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

TFF - Baron Castle
Baron Castle.

Baron Castle appears in the background during Field Music Sequences featuring Final Fantasy IV music.


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