FFX NulFrost Status

NulFrost status in Final Fantasy X.

Barfrost (バコルド, Bakorudo?), also known as NulFrost, Barblizzard, NulIce, and AICE, is a recurring status effect that protects against Ice damage. It is most often granted by the Barblizzard spell.


Final FantasyEdit

I NulFrost reduces Ice-elemental damage inflicted on all allies by half. It can only be imparted by use of the NulFrost spell, or the item White Curtain.

Final Fantasy XEdit

X NulFrost negates one Ice-elemental attack or spell. Armors can be customized with SOS NulFrost, which will cast NulFrost when reaching critical HP status. It can also be bestowed by the NulFrost spell and via Rikku's mixes NulAll, Mega NulAll, Hyper NulAll and Ultra NulAll. The status is represented by a glowing light blue ball which orbits around the person it is affecting.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

XI Barblizzard increases a character's resistance to Ice, decreasing the damage taken from Ice-based elemental spells and attacks.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit



Barfrost is granted by the Synergist's Barfrost spell. It increases resistance against Ice-elemental attacks. It is also gained from the following accessories: Frostbane Brooch, Frostshield Earring. The status can be removed with Dispel and Dispelga.


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