FF4PSP TAY Edward Bardsong

Bardsong (うたう, Utau?) is Edward's command ability in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Similar to the 2D versions of Final Fantasy IV, a harp must be equipped on Edward to use it. Bardsong has no Charge Time and is disabled if Edward is afflicted with Silence.

Unlike in Final Fantasy IV, Bardsong can now target either one ally or all allies, or one enemy or all enemies. If used on party member(s), there is a 1/5 chance of either casting Protect and Shell, Cure, Cura, Haste, or nothing.

If the enemy or enemies are targeted, there is a 1/4 chance of either inflicting Sleep, Confuse, Silence, or nothing. When used while a Toad, it will always use Toadsong regardless of being an ally or enemy.

List of SongsEdit

Song Description
Guardian's Ballad Cast Protect and Shell on one or all allies.
Healing Harmony Cast Cure on one or all allies.
Life's Anthem Cast Cura on one or all allies.
Hastemarch Cast Haste on one or all allies.
Lullaby Cast Sleep on one or all enemies.
Silent Verse Cast Silence on one or all enemies.
Alluring Air Cast Confuse on one or all enemies.
Toadsong Cast Toad on either one/all allies or one/all enemies.


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