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FF4PSP Edward Bardsong

Bardsong (うたう, Utau?), also known as Sing, is Edward's ability that takes no Charge Time. In the 2D versions, Edward must equip a harp, this is no longer necessary in the 3D versions as everyone can access the Bardsong Augment.

On the Super Nintendo version, the Bardsong command is dimmed out only when Edward is not equipped with a harp. In the game's data, the group of weapons ranging from 44 to 4C enables the Bardsong command. These include the two original harps; Dream Harp and Lamia Harp, but also include the two-handed Ragnarok, the Poison Axe, the Rune Axe, the Mythril Hammer, the Gaia Hammer, the Wooden Hammer, and the Avenger. More harps might have been planned and later changed into the other weapons later during development.

In the 2D versions there is a 1/4 chance of either inflicting Sleep, Confuse, Silence, or nothing. When used while a Toad, it will always use Toadsong. In the GBA and PSP releases, the Harmony Ring changes Sing to Chant, which casts Protect and Shell on the party.

In the 3D version, Edward learns several new songs while leveling up, and other party members can also access Bardsongs if they have the Bardsong Augment equipped.

List of SongsEdit

Song Level Learned Description
Lullaby 9 Puts enemies to sleep.
Silent Verse 9 Silences enemies.
Alluring Air 9 Confuses enemies.
Toadsong 20 Turns enemies into toads.
Requiem Forces the spirits in Edward's Lunar Trial to rest. (Only while the Requiem Harp is equipped. Only in the GBA & PSP versions).
Life's Anthem 10 Acts like a temporary Regen on the party (3D version only).
Hog Call 30 Turns all enemies into Pigs (3D version only).
Hastemarch 40 Casts Haste on the party (3D version only).
Hero's Rime 50 Increases all stats of the party by 10% (3D version only).

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