One of Golbez's elemental archfiend, the beguiling Empress of the Winds.
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Barbariccia (バルバリシア, Barubarishia?), also known as Valvalis or Valvalecia, is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy universe. First appearing as a minor antagonist, she is a fiend associated with the element of Wind. She has the signature ability of shielding herself by whipping her hair to form a protective whirlwind around her, and the recurring ability Maelstrom.


Final FantasyEdit


Barbariccia DoS

Barbariccia appears in the Dawn of Souls and subsequent remakes as a boss at the final floor of the Hellfire Chasm, one of the bonus dungeons for the remakes. Upon being defeated, she drops a Braveheart and the player may exit the dungeon.

Final Fantasy IVEdit


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FF4 PSP Barbariccia Field
I should have killed you and Rosa both when I had the chance...allow me to amend my past mistakes!
Barbariccia Encounter iOs

Barbariccia confronts the party.

Barbariccia is one of Golbez's four Archfiends, titled the Empress of the Winds. She makes her home in the Tower of Zot, and is protected by her three minions, the Magus Sisters. She does not make an appearance until Cecil and his friends attempt to rescue Rosa, who is kept in the top floor. Barbariccia then appears and blames Kain Highwind for being a traitor.

Kain says he was being controlled by Golbez, and his true wish is to fight alongside Cecil. The party defeats Barbariccia and in her dying breath, she destroys the tower, hoping that Cecil's party would be trapped inside. Rosa casts Teleport, and warps the party out.

Barbariccia is revived by Zemus, and makes an appearance in the Giant of Babil, along with Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo, and Rubicante. Cecil's party has to defeat all four Fiends together.

In some versions, Barbariccia says she only spared Kain's life because she had "feelings for him" as a "fellow creature of the sky."

In the English version of the 3D remake, she is voiced by Karen Strassman, who also voiced Rosa.

Final Fantasy IV: The After YearsEdit


Like the other Archfiends, Barbariccia is summoned by the Crystals within the True Moon. When she regains her senses she casts Tornado on herself, but is beaten by the party. She recognizes Kain if he is the party, as well as Golbez. She bears Kain no ill will as he admits he fought her to give her peace and is overjoyed to see Golbez again, though he asks her to forgive him for fighting her. The Gungnir is received after beating her.

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Final Fantasy Legends IIEdit


FFLTNS Barbariccia Artwork

Barbariccia appears as a wind-elemental summon. Her special attack is Tornado, which deals wind-elemental damage to all enemies.

Barbariccia allows the wielder to use the following abilities:

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Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)Edit


Barbarricia summon

Barbariccia summoned.

Barbariccia is a summon. She is summoned as a counter to an opponent's summon and exchanges the summoner's and the opponent's Bravery by using her signature attack Maelstrom. Her original artwork from Final Fantasy IV is used in her summon animation. Barbariccia can be obtained on the third stage of the Shade Impulse III storyline.

Like the other Archfiends, Barbariccia seems to act as a "counter" version of one of the original Final Fantasy's Four Fiends, who work on timers. Specifically, Barbariccia's Maelstrom works much like Kraken's Water Arcana; both exchange the two combatants' Bravery. This is because both Barbariccia and Kraken are the third of the "fiends" encountered in their respective games.

There is also an armor bearing her name: Barbariccia's Wristlet.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 Barbariccia has the same function from Dissidia. She can be purchased from certain Moogle Shops for 100 KP. The armor referring to her also returns.

Barbariccia also appears as a tutor for the new Labyrinth feature, at the in-game manuals.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit


Theatrhythm Barbariccia
Barbariccia controls the Magus Sisters as she fulfills her role as one of Golbez's loyal Archfiends. She rules over wind and the hearts of men, her beauty and locks hiding her position and her proud cruelty.
—Barbariccia's CollectaCard

Barbariccia, along with the other elemental archfiends, appears as an enemy.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit


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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


PFF Barbariccia
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Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

ATB Barbariccia appears as a boss.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Barbariccia appears as an enemy.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG Barbariccia appears with wind-elemental cards.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Hanjuku Hero: Aa, Sekaiyo Hanjukunare...!Edit

A parody of Barbariccia from Final Fantasy IV makes an appearance in the 4th chapter of the game along with the other Archfiends. The chapter number they appear in alludes to the number 4, their game's origin. The seasons have been stolen, and by defeating the Four Archfiends will return the seasons. They each have a castle, and are located on the four corners of the map. Fallicia (フォーリシア, Fōrishia?), the Fiend of Fall is found in the northwest castle.

Lord of VermilionEdit

Barbariccia is a card in Lord of Vermilion II along with other characters from Final Fantasy IV, as a special cross promotion. Additionally, a Barbariccia card appears in Lord of Vermilion Arena.

Guardian CrossEdit

With exquisite beauty and gold tresses, this lone female among the Elemental Archfiends wields wind as her weapons.

Barbariccia, along with Cagnazzo, Rubicante, and Scarmiglione, appears in promotional cards. They were all special captures to celebrate the release of Final Fantasy IV for the iOS. All of them are Rank 5 (the rarest), with Barbariccia being a Ghost-type Guardian that would have been found in the Deadmoon Desert.



Barbariccia is a demon in the Inferno of Dante's Divine Comedy. He is one of the 13 Malebranche ("Evil Claws") who guard Bolgia Five of the eighth circle of Hell, Malebolge. Vulgar and quarrelsome, their duty is to force the corrupt politicians to stay under the surface of a boiling lake of pitch.

His name means "Curly Beard."

"Valvalis" was the result of the 8-character limit for names in the SNES version of Final Fantasy IV. It is derived from the early kana of her name as a result of "b" and "v" being the same character in kana, as well as "l" and "r" (i.e. Va-lu-va-li-shi). The "shi" is cut short as a further result of the memory limitations, and likely because "Valvalis" was at least pronounceable. The name is not "Barbaris" likely due to the translator missing the Divine Comedy reference (as they did with Cagnazzo).