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Banora White Apple
Unbelievable... How can you not know about dumbapples? You'll never make 1st at that rate.

Banora Whites, also known as dumbapples, are found only in the village of Banora. The Banora White trees bear fruit at random times of the year, which is the reason the villagers call them dumbapples. They can be made into juice, as referenced in the Banora Underground, where an article of Genesis's invention of the Banora White juice can be seen. The tastiest ones were said to have been found on the largest Banora White tree, which belonged to Banora's landlord, Genesis's father.

Genesis hoped to one day be able to eat Banora Whites with the hero Sephiroth, whom Genesis admired. While this dream of his did not come true (presumably), Zack Fair fulfilled it partially by eating a Banora White with Genesis, as Zack had been injected with Sephiroth's cells.


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