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Bandit is an enemy from Final Fantasy VII. They are prone to steal either 340 gil or a randomly chosen item from the player's inventory, and will escape on their next turn. If killed before they escape, the item or gil will be returned. If they escape, however, the item or gil is lost forever. It is advised to kill them quickly, but as they only have 360 HP, this should not be hard.


# Formation
516 Row 1: 2-Faced
Row 2: Bandit A, Bandit B
517 Row 1: 2-Faced A, 2-Faced B
Row 2: Bandit
519 Bandit A, Bandit B (Attack from both sides)


Corel Prison
North 516, 517, 519 (Attack from both sides)
South 516, 517, 519 (Attack from both sides)
Corner 516
Junkyard 517

AI scriptEdit

AI: Setup
 SelectTar = Choose Random Opponent
AI: Main
 If (SelectTar doesn't have Death Status) Then
  Choose SelectTar
 } Else {
  Choose Random Opponent
 If (Count == 0) Then
  1/4 Chance: Count = 1
  3/4 Chance: Count = 2
 } Else If (Count == 1) Then {
  Use Hold-up on Target
  1/2 Chance: Count = 3
  2/2 Chance: Count = 4
 } Else If (Count == 2) Then {
  Use Mug on Target
  1/2 Chance: Count = 3
  1/2 Chance: Count = 4
 } Else If (Count == 3) Then {
  Count = 4
 } Else {
  Choose Self
  Use <Escape> on Target
  Remove Self
AI: Counter - General
 SelectTar = Bandit's Last Attacker (General)



Banditry is the life and practice of bandits. The New English Dictionary on Historical Principles (NED) defined "bandit" in 1885 as "one who is proscribed or outlawed; hence, a lawless desperate marauder, a brigand: usually applied to members of the organized gangs which infest the mountainous districts of Italy, Sicily, Spain, Greece, Iran, and Turkey.

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