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Attacks with Flare Up, and with Exploder when it dies. Kill it in one shot by using Aqua Rake and Ice 2.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Balloon is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI. They are also spawned by Flame Eater to assist it during the battle.


It appears in the burning mansion in Thamasa, often in groups of three or more. However, with Strago in the party, his Aqua Breath will hit the Balloon's weakness to Water-elemental attacks and can likely kill even a group of six Balloons in one casting. Otherwise, Blizzara spells also work well.

AI scriptEdit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Nothing (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (66%) or Nothing (33%)
3rd Turn: Self-Destruct (33%) or Nothing (66%)

If attacked by anything Fire-elemental:

Self-Destruct (33%) or Flare Up (33%)

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