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Balamb Garden balcony.

The Balamb Garden balcony glitch is a glitch in Final Fantasy VIII where the player becomes stranded on the Balamb Garden balcony on disc 2, right after Balamb Garden has become mobile. After saving the Garden from the missiles by enabling its flying capabilities, Squall and his party head to the balcony, triggering an FMV of the moving Garden.

The glitch occurs only during the longer version of the FMV where Rinoa is in Squall's party. If the player moves during the FMV and gets too close to the door before the scene ends, the player finds they are unable to open the door after the FMV scene is over, trapping them onto the balcony. The glitch happens due to the transition between FMV and normal gameplay.

The glitch happens rarely on PlayStation, but is more common when playing on PlayStation 2. The bug can be avoided by not moving during the FMV, or by sending Rinoa to the Missile Base after escaping from the D-District Prison. On a PSX emulator the glitch can be avoided by showing the VRAM (default key F11).

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