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Baigan is a boss in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. He is fought in the Lunar Subterrane in the True Moon.


Battle Edit

Baigan is fought with the Left Arm and the Right Arm. If both are killed, Baigan will regenerate them at full health. Both arms have 3000HP, but self-destruct if not killed quickly enough after Baigan dies, dealing damage equal to their current HP. As in the original game, he counters magic with Reflect. Baigan and both arms have a powerful physical attack, and the Right Arm can use Bloodfeast, which deals minor damage and inflicts sap.

Strategy Edit

It is recommended to kill the Left Arm (the one in the front) first, as it can use Constrict to paralyse a party member. The Right Arm should be damaged next, and only then Baigan should be attacked.

A Black Mage should attack with their most powerful spell first, while physical attackers use their most powerful Bands and attacks. A White Mage should be kept on standby for healing. Once Baigan is killed, the Right Arm should be killed as quickly as possible afterwards.

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