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A showcase of Bahamut's summon sequences throughout the series.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

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Final Fantasy IVEdit

Mega Flare (GBA)
Megaflare (DS)
Megaflare (PSP)

Final Fantasy VEdit

Mega Flare

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Sun Flare

Final Fantasy VIIEdit


Mega Flare

Neo BahamutEdit

Giga Flare

Bahamut ZEROEdit

Tera Flare

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit


Mega Flare

Bahamut FuryEdit

Exa Flare

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Mega Flare

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Mega Flare

Final Fantasy XEdit

Summon & Mega Flare

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Gestalt Mode & Mega Flare

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