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Bahamut's Lair

Bahamut's Lair.

FFIIIDS Bahamut's Lair WM

Bahamut's Lair on the world map (3D).

Bahamut's Lair (バハムートの洞窟, Bahamūto no Doukutsu?), also known as Cave of Bahamut, is an optional dungeon in Final Fantasy III on the Floating Continent.

The cave itself is located to the southeast of Vikings' Cove, but the player must cross the mountains to the east of Bahamut's Lair on the Invincible to reach the entrance. The party can fight Bahamut here in order to obtain him as a summon. The player must first travel through the cave and return to the entrance in order to fight Bahamut.


Item Location
Earthen Drums First Area
Heavenly Wrath First Area
Phoenix Down First Area
Arctic Wind First Area
Golem Staff Second Area
White Musk Second Area
Bacchus's Cider Second Area
Chocobo's Wrath Second Area
Turtle Shell Second Area
DarkScent (NES Only) Third Area
Eurytos Bow (DS Only) Third Area
Phoenix Down Third Area
Elixir Third Area
Kotetsu Third Area
Bahamut Defeat Bahamut

Enemy EncountersEdit

Battle BackgroundEdit

FFIII Molten Cave Background

Musical themesEdit

Bahamut's Lair background music is the "Dungeon" theme.

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

Castle Cornelia PS
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