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Baguba during an engagement.

Moogle town with a large mercantile airship port

Baguba Port (貿易港バクーバ, Bōekikō Bakūba?) is a town from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, specifically a Moogle town. This town serves as a port for every trade ship in Ivalice, most notably, airships.

This is one of two towns, the other being Muscadet, in which there is no other function than the Pub or the Shop. When going to the town for the first time, this is also where Marche meets Nono, Montblanc's younger brother. Out of the five towns, Baguba Port is the fourth town located. It is also the home of the Clan "White Kupos", the primarily moogle clan fought as part of the Clan League (after the Brown Rabbits are defeated).

Locations Edit

Warehouse Alley Armor Edit

The local shop owned by the sleepy Mog brothers. All their items are sold directly from port warehouses in the area.

The Golden Gil Edit

The local tavern, a popular place for airship crews to settle in and hang out.

Encounter Edit

Gaja Band Edit

Bandit clan. Rides the high-speed airship, the "Accelerator". Get them on the ground.
  • Dragoon
  • Gunner
  • Hunter
  • Ninja
  • Red Mage

Gallery Edit