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Ba'al vi; Snowcap is an optional boss in Bravely Second: End Layer that is encountered in Fort-Lune through Spotpass.



Snowcap is a mass of snow with rolling cogs used as a substitute for legs. Its back is impaled with ski-shaped pieces of metal, two pieces shaped like skiing sticks serve as hands. While breathing, its teeth move around and are soaked in blood like its chin and neck. The head is covered by a huge, upside-down ice skate with a bloody blade, giving the appearance of a roman helmet. The battle background shows a ski lift on a steep, afforested hill.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Snowcap is the physical manifestation of the memory of Altair first meeting Vega created by Providence. After its creation, it has been used to attack Luxendarc. However, Fort-Lune's forces have stopped it and its kind from destroying Luxendarc. However, this kind of Ba'al still attacks Fort-Lune from time to time. It and its kind was likely destroyed when Providence was killed.

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Snowcap's most common attack is Snowstorm, which heals it, and causes it to grow bigger and stronger and freeze allies with the Freeze status. If Snowcap is big enough, it will use Avalanche, a water-based attack on all allies, shrinking down to its smallest size. It can also use Blizzaja, a water-based magic attack on allies, and Dispel, which cancels any stat boosts on all allies. When its HP is low however, it will use Ice Fang, dealing damage to an ally and stealing up to 3 BP at the time from an ally.

Lv 18
HP: 65670
Type: Inorganic
Weak: Fire
Atk: 228
M-ATK: 120
INT: 13
Def: 12
M-Def: 13
MND: 13
Aim: 92
Evade: 30
SPD: 13
Lv 50
HP: 187875
Type: Inorganic
Weak: Fire
Atk: 333
M-ATK: 178
INT: 37
Def: 37
M-Def: 37
MND: 37
Aim: 97
Evade: 31
SPD: 37


Be sure to prevent Snowcap from getting too big, as it will use Avalanche. By hitting it with physical attacks, it will "cave-in", making it smaller each time, reducing its overall stats as well. If one's hit with the Freeze ability, a simple fire-based attack can immediately cure freeze, but it will deal damage to them. When it reaches half HP, try to prevent it from getting any BP by staying as long as possible in the negative, since it will begin using Ice Fang to steal BP. Use Knuckles to deal extra damage towards its family-type and use fire-based elemental attacks to deal damage to its elemental weakness. Make sure to keep stat boosts active with Mist and keep all allies healed as much as possible.