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Ba'al v; Urchin is a boss in Bravely Second: End Layer that is encountered in the demo and the Ba'al Crater in chapter 1 and optionally re-encountered in Fort-Lune at the levels of 18 and 50.



Urchin is a sea urchin-like creature with eight metallic legs that constantly move around and a black body with glowing red markings. Its back is covered in closed umbrellas, giving the appearance of spikes, with constantly changing patterns. The head is covered with blue glowing eyes whose glow changes from great to tiny.


Urchin uses a dark-based physical attack Cloudy Day which damages all characters and can cause Blind. Its Sunny Day attack creates a shadow of one of the characters as an additional enemy and uses it cast Dark on one character until that character is KO'd or the shadow is defeated. It also uses Downpour to unleash four non-elemental attacks that target random enemies (not affected by Reflect).

The Fort-Lune version can also use Rainfall to prevent all damage below 9999 from damaging it until it uses Downpour again.


Have a Bishop use Holy Night on the party and default until one has the maximum amount of BP in order to reduce the amount of time when the boss can deal heavy damage with Downpour and lessen the amount of MP the Bishop will spend on healing. Using combos of special attacks and attacks from physical classes such as Thief or Charioteer when possible can be used to damage the boss as they are more effective. The weakest unit should have the Freelancer class/subclass and use Halfsies and Eye Drops to remove Blindness. When the shadow appears, it is best to defeat it as quickly as possible by using the Wizard attacks as they will damage Urchin as well.

The shadowy Doppelganger will only cast Dark when the character it is imitating makes a move—having the player character Default will prevent any casting.

The Doppelganger also counts as undead, and is therefore vulnerable to White Magic.