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BRA★BRA Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo 2 is an album featuring tracks from Final Fantasy through Final Fantasy X, arranged for wind-instruments and performed by the Siena Wind Orchestra. The album is a sequel to BRA★BRA Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo.

Track listEdit

  1. "Battle at the Big Bridge" (ビッグブリッヂの死闘(FINAL FANTASY V), Biggu Burijji no Shitō?, lit. Battle to the Death on the Big Bridge)
    Arranged by Yasumasa Sato.
  2. "Main Theme Of Final Fantasy IV" (ファイナルファンタジー IV メインテーマ(FINAL FANTASY IV), Fainaru Fantajī IV Mein Tēma?)
    Arranged by Tsutomu Narita.
  3. Cosmo Canyon" (星降る峡谷(FINAL FANTASY VII), Hoshi Furu Kyōkoku?, lit. Canyon of the Fallen Star)
    Arranged by Yasumasa Sato.
  4. "Festival of the Hunt" (ハンターチャンス(FINAL FANTASY IX), Hantā Chansu?, lit. Hunter's Chance)
    Arranged by Yasumasa Sato.
  5. "Main Theme FFI/II/III" (FFI/II/III フィールド・メドレー, FFI/II/III Fīrudo Medorē?, lit. FFI/II/III Field Medley) - ("Main Theme (FFI)" - "Main Theme (FFII)" - "Eternal Wind (FFIII)")
    Arranged by Rika Ishige.
  6. "Something to Protect" (守るべきもの(FINAL FANTASY IX), Mamorubekimono?)
    Arranged by Yasumasa Sato.
  7. "Kefka" (魔導士ケフカ(FINAL FANTASY VI), Madōshi Kefuka?, lit. Mage Cefca)
    Arranged by Yohei Kobayashi; Supervisor: Hidenori Iwasaki.
  8. "Gold Saucer" (ゴールドソーサー(FINAL FANTASY VII), Gōrudo Sōsā?)
    Arranged by Rika Ishige.
  9. "The Man with the Machine Gun" (The Man with the Machine Gun(FINAL FANTASY VIII), The Man with the Machine Gun?)
    Arranged by Nobuhiko Kashiwara; Co-arrangement: Rika Ishige.
  10. Fight With Seymour" (シーモアバトル(FINAL FANTASY X), Shīmoa Batoru?, lit. Seymour Battle)
    Arranged by Yasumasa Sato.
  11. Fragments of Memories (Fragments of Memories(FINAL FANTASY VIII), Fragments of Memories?)
    Arranged by Yasumasa Sato, Shiro Hamaguchi.
  12. "Mambo de Chocobo" (マンボdeチョコボ(FINAL FANTASY V), Manbo de Chokobo?)
    Arranged by Yasumasa Sato.

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