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BRA★BRA Final Fantasy Brass de Bravo is an album featuring tracks from Final Fantasy through Final Fantasy X, arranged for wind-instruments and performed by the Siena Wind Orchestra.

Track listEdit

  1. "FF Battle 2 Medley" (FFバトル2メドレー, FF Batoru 2 Medorē?) - (Battle 2 (FFIV)" - "Battle 2 (FFV)" - "Battle to the Death (FFVI)" - "Battle 2 (FFIX)" - "Victory Fanfare (FF series)")
    Arranged by Yasumasa Sato.
  2. "The Airship Medley" (飛空艇メドレー, Hikūtei Medorē?, lit. Airship Medley) - ("Go above the Clouds! (FFIII)" - "The Airship (FFIV)" - "Hey, Cid! (FFIV)" - The Airship Blackjack (FFVI)" - "Ride On (FFVIII)")
    Arranged by Yohei Kobayashi; Supervisor: Hidenori Iwasaki.
  3. "FF Moogles' Theme" (FFモーグリのテーマ, FF Mōguri no Tēma?) - ("Moogle Theme (FFV)")
    Arranged by Rika Ishige.
  4. "The Red Wings ~ Kingdom Of Baron" (赤い翼~バロン王国, Akai Tsubasa ~ Baron Ōkoku?, lit. Red Wings ~ Baron Kingdom) - ("Red Wings (FFIV)" - "Kingdom Baron (FFIV)")
    Arranged by Rika Ishige.
  5. FF Dungeon Medley" (FFダンジョンメドレー, FF Danjon Medorē?) - ("Into The Darkness (FFIV)" - "Dungeon (FFV)" - "Phantom Forest (FFVI)" - "Find Your Way (FFVIII)")
    Arranged by Tsutomu Narita.
  6. "FFVII Battle Medley" (FFVII バトルメドレー, FFVII Batoru Medorē?) - ("JENOVA (FFVII)" - "Let the Battles Begin! (FFVII)" - "Fight On! (FFVII)")
    Arranged by Nobuhiko Kashiwara.
  7. "Zanarkand" (ザナルカンドにて, Zanarukando nite?, lit. In Zanarkand or At Zanarkand) - ("Zanarkand (FFX))
    Arranged by Yohei Kobayashi; Supervisor: Hidenori Iwasaki.
  8. "Aria di Mezzo Carattere" (アリア, Aria?) - "Aria die Mezzo Carattere (FFVI)")
    Arranged by Nobuhiko Kashiwara.
  9. "Never Look Back ~ Dead End" (Never Look Back~Dead End, Never Look Back~Dead End?) - ("Never Look Back (FFVIII)" - "Dead End (FFVIII)")
    Arranged by Tsutomu Narita.
  10. "FF Main Theme" (FFメインテーマ, FF Mein Tēma?) - ("Main Theme (FF series)")
    Arranged by Rika Ishige.
  11. "FF Medley" (FFメドレー, FF Medorē?) - ("Return of the Warrior (FFIII)" - "Sailing Ship (FFI)" - "The Way to the Top (FFIII)" - "Main Theme (FFI)")
    Arranged by Nobuhiko Kashiwara.

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