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B1-Beta helicopter.

The B1-Beta series helicopter is a small military helicopter series used by the Shinra Electric Power Company in Final Fantasy VII.

A variant of the B1-Alpha Helicopter series, the B1-Beta series features an exposed side-carriage platform. The carriage itself possessing additional VTOL turbines to compensate for the weight.

The Turks use a B1-Beta helicopter to escape from Sector 7 with Aerith Gainsborough as a hostage, and later when Tseng of the Turks collects the Keystone from Cait Sith in Gold Saucer.


B1B type Helicopter
Length - 9.14 meters*
Width - 4.32 meters*
Height - 2.89 meters*
Weight - 1,560 kilograms
Load Capacity - Unknown
Maximum Speed - 132 knots (at Sea Level)
Cruising Speed - 17.5 knots (surface)
- 37 knots
Ascending Time - Unknown
Ceiling- 4,300 meters
Range - Approximately 140 Nautical Miles
Engine - Oil-Cooling RG08 type Horizontal-facing 8 Cylinder Engine
Ascending Output - 900 Horsepower
Rotor- 4.2 Meters in Diameter
- 2-Speed Electrical
- Pitch of 20-60 Degrees

*Rotor not included.



Beta (uppercase Β, lowercase β; Greek: Βήτα Bḗta) is the second letter of the Greek alphabet.

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