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FFT0 Azurr District

Azurr District.

The Azurr District (アズール地区, Azūru Chiku?) is a region in the Militesi territory in Final Fantasy Type-0. Is located at the western coast of Orience, connecting it to the Militesi capital of Ingram.

Locations Edit

Azurr District is connected to the Ocean on the west, to Cetme District on the east, surrounded by mountains in the south and connected over a bridge to Ingram in the north. Due to the cold climate in the eastern parts of Orience, it is constantly snowing in Azurr District.

Azurr Edit

Azurr is the main city in the Azurr District and located in the northwestern corner, being a coastal city surrounded by the sea on the west and by the large river parting Ingram and the District in the north.

Arwen Edit

Arwen is a military base which can be only accessed during The Climactic Clash at Azurr. It is located at the southeastern coastline of Azurr District.

Morina Edit

Morina is a military base which can be only accessed during The Climactic Clash at Azurr. It is located in the south of Azurr District, being surrounded by either forest or mountains.

Quests Edit

Missions Edit

Tasks Edit

  • When in dominion possession, the player can enter Azurr and accept Okita's task "A Watchdog's Wish", asking Class Zero to eliminate eight Floating Eyes outside the city.

Items Edit


Wehrer's Crystal's location.

Enemies Edit

Enemies in this area are between levels 37-62

Plains Edit

Forests Edit

  • There is also a fixed encounter with a LV99 Snowsquatch in the woods.

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