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Crystal Defenders Enemy
CD Axebeak
Gametypes W1
Wave Number Wave 14 (W1)
Wave 13 (W2)
HP 361 (Bisga Greenlands)
270 (Bisga Greenlands Adv)
198 (Orchise Snowfields)
162 (Orchise Snowfields Adv)
480 (Kthili Sands)
432 (Melby Point)
Abilities None

The Axebeak is an enemy from Crystal Defenders. Like the Cockatrice, it is a basic enemy with no special abilities, some well-leveled Soldiers can be used to defeat a wave of these.

Etymology Edit

The axe beak is a creature from Dungeons & Dragons. It is described as a prehistoric carnivorous flightless bird which is a very fast runner and an aggressive hunter.

Related enemies Edit

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