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The Avenger is a Trophy Rare Game enemy found in the Pharos in Final Fantasy XII. It is a challenge during the first visit to the Pharos as it has several dangerous movesm such as Anti-Magick, Ardor, and Renew. The Muramasa, the second strongest non-elemental katana, can be stolen from it.

It is also fought in the International Zodiac Job System trial mode at stage 72, along with Diabolos and Overlord.

Bestiary entry Edit

Derivation: Bune

Bune infused with the power of nethicite. Hunted in the Pharos at Ridorana.


Final Fantasy XII enemy stats
#367#368 #369
Location Species Aggression Movement type Rare Game Other information
Pharos - Second Ascent (Station of Ascension)
Condition: 40% chance of spawning.
Giant/Headless Aggressive (attacks on detection) Movement type? (Speed: Movement speed?) Number: 78 of 80
Rank: ☆☆☆☆☆Rare Game rank
Level HP MP Strength Magick Power
61 - 62 105,618 - 106,038 943 - 948 50 - 52 37 - 39
Vitality Speed Attack Power Defense Magick Resist
77 - 79 24 - 24 99 - 102 32 - 34 32 - 32
Evade EXP LP CP Gil
0 - 0 10,880 - 11,043 16 2,755 - 2,361 0 - 0
Elemental affinities
FFXII Fire Icon FFXII Ice Icon FFXII Thunder Icon FFXII Water Icon FFXII Wind Icon FFXII Earth Icon FFXII Dark Icon FFXII Holy Icon
-100%Absorbs 100% 100% 150% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Statuses and immunities*% refers to chance to spawn under status
FFXII Stone Icon FFXII Stop Icon FFXII KO Icon FFXII Confuse Icon FFXII Reverse Icon FFXII Sleep Icon FFXII Blind Icon FFXII Poison Icon
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune
FFXII Silence Icon FFXII Oil Icon FFXII Disease Icon FFXII Disable Icon FFXII Immobilize Icon FFXII Sap Icon FFXII Slow Icon FFXII Lure Icon
Immune 0% Immune Immune Immune Immune 0% Immune
FFXII Libra Icon FFXII Bravery Icon FFXII Faith Icon FFXII Protect Icon FFXII Shell Icon FFXII Haste Icon FFXII Regen Icon FFXII Invisible Icon
Immune 100% 50% 50% 100% 0% 0%
FFXII Reflect Icon Immunities granted by Safety
100% Enemy has innate Safety; additional immunity to Instant Death, Warp, Poach, Fractional Damage (Gravity, Graviga), "Fang" items, Sight Unseeing, Syphon, Charm, Achilles
Item dropped Steal Poach
Attacks Magicks Technicks Augments Items
Normal Attack

Max Combo hits: 12

Renew, Hastega, Protectga Lunge, Rage, Smite of Rage, Pulsar Wave, [Ardor Innate: Safety, Low-HP ATK+, Low-HP Def+, Counter+, Medicine Lore
Conditional: Reduce Damage (HP < 50%), Anti-Magick (HP < 20%), Attack CT0 and Magick Wall (after Renew and HP < 50%)

Requirement Edit

To find the Avenger, the player must have spoken to the "Huntmaster" in Phon Coast and defeated Thalassinon, which will trigger the start of the Rare Game quest.

The Avenger then has a 40% chance of appearing in the Station Of Ascension area of the Pharos: Second Ascent. Alternately, one can kill off all the monsters in the area and then zone out to the Reach of the Damned area (64F). When reentering Station of Ascension (63F), Avenger should be right at the bottom of the stairs.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Despite Avenger and Bune's bestiary entries showing them wielding the Blood Brand, Dullahan's sword, they actually use another sword in-game.

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