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Avenger is an enemy in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is a frequent encounter in Deist Cavern.


Casts Quake upon being defeated. Quake deals around 1000 damage to your entire party. Counters harmful spells with Bio for around 600 damage and inflicts Sap. Counters physical attacks with !Attack for around 400 damage to the front row. Frequently casts Libra.


A good strategy is to advance forward a little bit of the story as the Moogle in this cave suggests, returning here after the Ranger chapter is finished. Have 2 Warriors or Monks equipped with +20%HP ability, and 2 Mages that can cast Cura and Protect.

Start the battle with Protect-All and use Focus 3 times, then use Boost Jump. Have the Mages use Defend. He will go down relatively fast.

!Flee works fine. But, it won't work against the chest encounters.

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