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FFD Avalon Divine Generals and Emperor

The high-ranked figures of the Avalon Empire: Shango, Cocytus, Gehenna, Imperio and the Emperor

The Avalonian Empire, also called Avalon, The Avalon Empire, or simply The Empire, is a major political power in Final Fantasy Dimensions and serves as the game's main antagonistic force.


The Avalonian Empire is a highly technologically and military advanced regime, ruled by its mysterious ruler known only as The Emperor whose identity is unknown to all but his most loyal servants.

Years before the events of the game, the Avalonian Empire had started a quest for world domination, subjugating several nations such as Burtgang, Falgabard and Harmonia amongst others through sheer force, subterfuge or betrayal. Years later the Avalonian Empire would form an alliance with the kingdom of Lux, which would be nothing more than a facade for the empire to later attempt to steal its Crystal in order for The Emperor to become immortal and govern for eternity.

After the world is split into two, a world of light and a world of darkness, the Avalonian Empire would mount an even greater expansion headed by its Generals in order to acquire the shards of crystals and other natural resources to fuel the Empire's might. Notorious places that have fallen victim of the empire include the Dragoon town of Deist with a vast part of the Dragon population killed by water poisoning, the Elf nation of Alfheim through the masquerading of its king by an imposter, and others, leaving few places free of the empire's cruel conquering such as Gardenia.


Four GeneralsEdit

The Four Generals are four individuals of great power that serve as major military figures within the Avalon Empire who serve as recurring antagonists for most of the game, leading several of the Empire's campaigns across the world. Each of the generals is extremely powerful and has control over one element.

Four Divine GeneralsEdit

The Divine Generals are a group that serve directly under the Emperor himself. Higher-ranking, and with strength that surpasses the Four Generals, each has control of a different element. They antagonize the later portions of the game after the Four Generals are defeated. It is revealed by some of the Generals themselves that they are not human; Shango and Imperio hint that they once were, but became monsters via exposure to Nil, a substance the Emperor also controls that is implied to be the source of their incredible powers.

  • Imperio: A man in rich attire that has control over Light, he's the emperor's right hand and unofficially leads the Divine Generals.
  • Gehenna: A mysterious figure who has control over Darkness. He's the true reflection of Imperio and is more monstrous in appearance.
  • Cocytus: A woman with control over Ice.
  • Shango: A brute warrior with control over Thunder.


  • Cid: A commander of the Avalonian Empire, he leads their fleet of Airships. He's of lower rank than even the Four Generals, but is a more frequent leading operative than the generals themselves. He also commands the Argy robot series and the Heliogabalus.
  • Dr. Lugae: A scientist working for the Avalonian Empire. He creates Argy under Cid's orders.


  • Argy Series: The Argy Series are a set of robotic units constructed by Dr. Lugae. They are extremely resilient and capable of using extremely powerful magic. The Argy robots are all telepathically connected and can share emotions.
  • The Heliogabalus: A super-massive Airship and the Empire's most powerful weapon. Its arsenal of weapons is vast and strong enough to spread genocidal destruction where it passed, under the command of Cid. It was destroyed by the Warriors of Light after a tough struggle.


Avalon is a legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend.


In Romancing SaGa 2, another Square RPG, there also exists an empire called the Avalon Empire.

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