Auto-Refresh is a job trait in Final Fantasy XI. It restores 1 mp per tick at all times.


Blue Magic Spells that Achieve this Trait Edit

Auto Refresh is obtained differently from other Blue Mage traits- it uses a points system, which has nothing to do with Blue Magic set points (the ones you use to equip spells) - it's specifically about obtaining Auto Refresh.

Different spells weigh more/less toward triggering Auto Refresh when equipped, which is where the points system came from. You can have Auto Refresh by any combination of the spells listed below as long as the sum of their Auto Refresh points adds up to 8 points or higher (based on that list, not on set points). The most popular combination is simply Actinic Burst + Plasma Charge, available at levels 75+.

Level AvailableSpellSet Point costAuto Refresh points
44Stinking Gas21
50Frightful Roar32
52Cold Wave11
58Light of Penance52
64Voracious Trunk43
74Actinic Burst44
75Plasma Charge54

See also: Refresh for the White Magic spell.

Some equipment will also grant this effect, most notably Duelist's Chapeau for Red Mages, Mirage Jubbah for Blue Mages, Yinyang Robe for Summoner, and Vermillion Cloak for most jobs that use MP.