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Thundering Wave

Rikku with Protect status in Final Fantasy X-2.

Protect activates automatically in battle.
—Description, Final Fantasy VIII.

Auto-Protect (オートプロテス, Ōto Purotesu?) is a recurring ability that maintains a constant Protect status on the user. Usually, the ability cannot be dispelled and remains intact even if the user is KOed and brought back to life in the same battle. Certain Accessories often imbue Auto-Protect on the wearer.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

The relics Guard Bracelet and Protect Ring imbue the wearer with Auto-Protect. Some enemies like the Magitek Armor, Nautiloid and Cartagra have Auto-Protect, and Gau and Gogo can also inherit Auto-Protect when using their Rages.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Auto Protect is learned from the Guardian Force Bahamut for 250 AP and can be taught to any GF by the item Steel Curtain, which can be refined with Eden's GF-Abl Med-RF ability from 20 Adamantines. Auto Protect must be equipped to a character before it can be used.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Auto-Protect is an auto-ability found on an armor or customized into one by using 70 Light Curtain items. It permanently keeps the Protect status on the party-member, and cannot be removed with Dispel.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Auto-Protect is a Mascot ability that requires 80 AP to master and requires Auto-Shell to be mastered to appear. It can also be accessed via equipping a Shining Bracer or by passing through the red gate on the Helios Guard Garment Grid.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

The Shield Armor provides a constant Protect status to the user.

Final Fantasy XIII Edit

Auto-Protect is bestowed through equipping the Shield Talisman. Unlike previous games, the Protect status will fade in prolonged battles and can be dispelled.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

The Save the Queen and Durandal knight swords impart the ability Auto Protect to their users. This effect is also given by the Tynar Rouge and Sortilége accessories.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

The accessory SP Robe grants Auto-Protect alongside increasing all magic by 20 and max HP and MP by 20%. SP Robe is available while the player has the SP rank of Commander after amassing 20,000 SPP.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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