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FFXIV Aurum Vale

Aurum Vale.

The Aurum Vale is a dungeon from Final Fantasy XIV, located on the Coerthas Central Lowlands. To gain entrance, a party of at least four players of level 45 or higher that has completed "Into the Dark" is required.


Those unfamiliar with the mine are like to envision endless veins of gold—and indeed its every surface seems aglitter with the precious stuff. Yet be fairly warned that this is but an illusion born of the mingling of mythril ore and natural deposits of sulfur. Folk are more like to find their death than riches within the Vale, for its underground lakes hold not water but a potent corrosive known as Goldbile, the result of contamination by the two aforementioned substances. Besides scorching the flesh, the liquid also emits a noxious gas that renders breathing an exercise in agony when inhaled, an affliction known as Gold Lung.

No living creature can survive being in the Vale for any length of time save those monstrosities that have evolved to thrive in the forsaken environment. The occasional fool is known to venture in, driven by the dream of striking it rich, but the Garlean motive remains shrouded in mystery. One theory posits that the Empire seeks to survey the mines for crystal lodes, but this is as yet unsubstantiated. Military tacticians are in accord that, unlike Dzemael Darkhold, the Aurum Vale serves no strategic purpose, and we are left to wonder in trepidation what diabolical plot the Empire is in the midst of hatching.

We at The Harbor Herald shall keep our eyes firmly fixed upon all developments within the Aurum Vale, and would duly appreciate the assistance of those adventurers and travelers bearing firsthand information.

The Ishgardian knights are trying desperately to rescue a missing theologist last seen entering the vale; however, due to the Garlean presence, the dangers of the Goldbile and lack of resources due to the constant fights against the dragons of Dravanian, they are left with no other choice but to enlist the help of adventurers brave enough to enter the accursed place and rescue him.


The ultimate goal of most parties is to reach the innermost cavern called the Bile Lake and defeat a Malboro called the Miser's Mistress before the one-hour time limit. To clear the "What Glitters Always Isn't Gold" quest, players must kill the imperials in a room after fighting a cyclops called the Coincounter.

The larger rooms in the Aurum Vale are clouded with the toxic vapor of the highly corrosive Goldbile pools. Players will experience damage over time while afflicted with the Gold Lung, an affect counteracted using a White Mage's Regen and Stoneskin spells or eating Malboro Vines found on the walls in some rooms. Stepping into the Goldbile pools will result in rapid damage over time, so they are to be avoided.

Various paths are blocked by magitek barriers, which can be opened by standing in their corresponding glowing circles.


Miser's Mistress DropsEdit

Portions of the Darklight sets are found here.

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The legwear artifacts for Black Mage, Paladin, and Dragoon are found in a room just after the first Goldbile room. They can be claimed after a very brief visit.



Speed run tipsEdit

The optimal speed run time for all chests, including those for the items related to "A Relic Reborn", is 17 minutes, drastically shorter than the 1 hour time limit given by the dungeon.

  • A Bard's Swiftsong will increase speed, and at certain times their 15-minute ability Battlevoice may help for longer treks through the Goldbile rooms.
  • Timing is essential. Black Mages will need to begin casting Flare simultaneously at specific points to severely cut down the number of monsters in one cumulative blast. Fire spells, the main area-of-effect spells for Black Mage, are especially useful here.
  • At least one member will need to break off from the group at certain points to collect certain chests that will trigger more rewards after defeating Miser's Mistress.

Related QuestsEdit

  • "What Glitters Always Isn't Gold"

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