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Final Fantasy XEdit

Beginning of battleEdit

These ones don't matter. We cut through!
—To Tidus at Dream Zanarkand

So... how do we end this?

Auron: There were fewer fiends in my time.
Wakka: Oh, really?
—Requires Auron and Wakka present at the beginning of battle on the road from Djose to Moonflow, and Mt. Gagazet.

Think later, Yuna.
—Requires Auron and Yuna present at the beginning of battle on the Thunder Plains, while Yuna contemplates Seymour's proposal.

I hate this place.
—In the Via Purifico

Not much has changed in ten years.
—On Mt. Gagazet

Auron: Yuna, can you fight?
Yuna: Yes, I think so.
—Requires Auron and Yuna present at the beginning of battle on Mt. Gagazet.

Auron: Fight as you will, Yuna.
Yuna: Thank you, Sir Auron.
—Requires Auron and Yuna present at the beginning of battle.

Entering battleEdit

This ends now.

I foresee no difficulty.

As you wish.

Let's see...
So, who's next?
—At Moonflow - South Bank Road.

So be it...

Story-related encountersEdit

Auron: Although he was not the man I once knew... Kinoc was still my friend, Seymour. You will pay for his death!
—"Talk" during Seymour Natus battle on Bevelle Highbridge.


You will hurt no one!
Power Break

You place too much trust in your magics!
Magic Break

Your pain shall be twofold!
Armor Break

You will fear magic!
Mental Break


Do not move! / Calm down! / You don't want to move!

Using OverdriveEdit

Some can't wait to die!
-First time using Overdrive

—All overdrives

Pray. Now.
—Dragon Fang

No mercy.
—Shooting Star

You. Away.
—Shooting Star

This... is for the fallen!
—Tornado and Shooting Star


I must be rusty.

Auron is revived by Lulu.
Lulu: Are you all right?
Auron: I must be out of practice.
—Requires Auron and Lulu present in battle in Mi'ihen Highroad.

Defeating enemyEdit

—Killing blow.

—In the pre-release of the game

—Upon defeating last enemy in battle.

This is for the fallen!
—With fallen party members


That's how it's done!

No time to waste, let's go.

Hmph, let's go.

... (Wheeze)
That was too close.
Not too good.
—Party critically injured, at Mushroom Rock Road.

—Party critically injured, at the Calm Lands.

—Party critically injured.

Game OverEdit

Jecht... Braska...
What a mess...

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Shinra's DossiersEdit

Once Lady Yuna fixes her hair, we leave.
—Quote taken from Final Fantasy X, said at Djose Temple

This... is your world now.
—Quote taken from Final Fantasy X, last words

Chapter 5 final battles (voice over)Edit


Stay calm. Keep attacking, no matter what.
Vegnagun's halfway to firing power. You still have time. Believe, Yuna.
—Encouraging YRP during Vegnagun battle


It's almost over, Yuna.

Fiend ArenaEdit

No mercy!
You, away!
Pray, now!
This is for the fallen!
—Using Skill.

This ends now.
As you wish.
So be it...
I foresee no difficulty.
So... how do we end this?
—Start of a battle.

No time to waste, let's go.
That's how it's done!
Hmph, let's go.
—End of a battle.

... (Wheeze)
That was too close.
—Party critically injured.