Atra in Iscah

FFT0 Atra Agito Tower

Atra in the entrance of the Tower of Agito.

Atra is a non-player character from Final Fantasy Type-0. He is a mysterious man and survivor from the Lorican Alliance who first appears in Iscah claiming to be a lone adventurer, wandering Orience and collecting l'Cie Stones. Atra also waits at the entrance to the Tower of Agito.



Atra resembles the Black Tortoise l'Cie Enkidu, having a tall body and wearing a heavy body armor which is covering him almost completely.


Contrary to his outer appearance, Atra is kind, courteous and polite. He is intrigued by l'Cie Stones, thanking with a short bow.


l'Cie StonesEdit

When a l'Cie fulfills his or her focus, he or she sublimates and enters crystal stasis.
On occasion, shards will break off, and these gems are known as l'Cie Stones.

Atra first appears in Iscah, after completing The People's Hero, a task given by the Mayor Aoba after freeing Iscah from the empire. He will ask help to find all 43 l'Cie Stones scattered all over Orience, and in return he will reveal the final thoughts of the respective l'Cie, thus unlocking associated Rubicus entries.


Atra-Hasis, or "Exceedingly Wise," is the protagonist from the Sumerian and Babylonian diluvian myths. The story is adapted within the Epic of Gilgamesh. Atra-Hasis may have become the Noah from the Biblical flood story as the stories share many similarities.