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ATOMIC RAY is a hardcore doujin album from ALiCE'S EMOTiON. It contains remixes of songs from Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy VI.

Track listEdit

  1. REDALiCE / prelude (UK Hardcore Remix) - "Prelude"
  2. M-Project / Mystic Crystals - "Main Theme of Final Fantasy V", Final Fantasy V
  3. 源屋 / Unmeasured vast expanse of ocean (hardcore mix) - "The Endless Ocean", Final Fantasy III
  4. REDALiCE / Red Wing Monday - "The Red Wings", Final Fantasy IV
  5. DJ Technetium / Terras Makina - "Terra", Final Fantasy VI
  6. REDALiCE / Darkmatter - "Battle to the Death", Final Fantasy III
  7. Thanatos / The Decisive Battle (Coming Out Remix) - Decisive Battle, Final Fantasy VI
  8. fang / Bloods - "Decisive Battle", Final Fantasy V
  9. Alabaster / Bab-il - "Within the Giant", Final Fantasy IV
  10. REDALiCE / Schranz Fantasy - "Victory Fanfare"
  11. M-Project / Forever - "Forever Rachel", Final Fantasy VI
  12. t+pazolite / against Gilgamesh - "Clash on the Big Bridge", Final Fantasy V
  13. REDALiCE / Nova La - "Rebel Army Theme" and "Battle Scene 1", Final Fantasy II
  14. 羽鳥風画 / Eternal Fantasy - "Opening Theme"


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