FFXIV Asylum

Asylum in Final Fantasy XIV.

Asylum is a recurring White Mage ability in the series, first introduced in Final Fantasy XI.

Although these abilities have the same English name, the Japanese names for the ability are Goddess's Angel Raiment (女神の羽衣, Megami no Hagoromi?) in Final Fantasy XI, and Asylum (アサイラム, Asairamu?) in Final Fantasy XIV.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

XI Asylum is the White Mage SP2 ability in Final Fantasy XI. It grants the player's party members a powerful resistance to negative status effects and dispelling of positive status effects for 30 seconds.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit


FFXIV Asylum Icon

Asylum is a White Mage action unlocked after completing the "A Journey of Purification" level 52 job quest. The ability creates a large area-of-effect regen field, which any party member who enters will be healed with a cure potency of 100. The ability has a range of 30y and a radius of 7y. The ability is instantly cast but has a 90 second recast time.

Due to the action being categorized as an ability, Asylum does not receive an increase in cure potency with the White Mage's Divine Seal or Eos' Fey Illumination, which only affect healing spells. In addition, it is susceptible to lower healing potency, should the caster be under the effect of Cleric Stance.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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