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Astra (アストラ, Asutora?) is positive status effect in the series, found primarily in the Ivalice Alliance series. It generally deals with protecting or resisting status effects.


Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit


FFTA Astra Status Symbol
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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

TA2 The Templar, Moogle Knight, and Alchemist classes can give units the Astra status. Al-Cid Margrace, as an Agent, can also give a female unit Astra with the Reception ability. Astra can also be granted to units by the Shield of Steel Opportunity Command, which affects the user and the three ally surrounding it.

Astra not only prevents targets from being inflicted with the Doom status, but targets that are already inflicted with Doom can be saved by Astra if Astra is used before the countdown reaches zero.


Astra is Latin for "stars".

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