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Asmodai is a boss from Final Fantasy Dimensions. He is fought three times during the game.

First BattleEdit

The first battle takes place at the top of Yggdrasil, though the first two parts of the battle are scripted. The first part of the battle battle cannot be won as Asmodai will use Corrupt Miasma to render himself invulnerable. He will attack the party with Blindga, Silencega and Cursed Miasma (which causes Paralysis). When he uses Upheaval, the battle automatically ends.

The second part of the battle is also scripted. Gramps fights Asmodai on his own and the player cannot lose. Asmodai will use Corrupt Miasma and, while at first he will be invulnerable, Gramps will use Doubleshot and start doing normal damage. Asmodai will still use his status-inflicting attacks, but they will always result in a "Miss". Gramps will use Decisive Shot, dealing 9999 damage to Asmodai and to himself. The miasma will dissipate and the battle ends.

FF Dimensions Decisive Shot

Gramps using Decisive Shot.

With his immunity gone, the party battles Asmodai for real. He may still use Blindga, Silencega and Cursed Miasma, but he will mostly use two new attacks: Forsaken, which reduces the MP of all targets and may inflict Confuse; and Caustic Spittle, which inflicts Poison, Slow and deals damage to all targets. His normal physical attack hits all targets and Upheaval does about twice as much damage.


First, make sure the Warrior is equipped with a Wind-based weapon. During the first part of the battle, heal the party as there is nothing else to do. During the second battle, just turn on Auto Mode and watch the battle. One can try to kill themselves but with 0 HP, one still cannot lose. During the real battle, let have a White Mage or Red Mage cast Slow on Asmodai or the fight will be very difficult. Have the Black Mage cast strong spells like Fira and the Summoner call Eidolons like Sylph and Chocobo (but not Titan). Asmodai absorbs Earth attacks, so Titan will only heal him. Cast Slow again when it wears off, heal the party when necessary and keep an eye on his strongest attack, Upheaval. The fight is not easy but thanks to Slow, he is not a huge threat.

Second BattleEdit

The second battle occurs below the Underground Fort. The battle is pretty hard as Asmodai now has some good attacks up to his sleeve. For the first few seconds of the battle, Asmodai will cast Return to Darkness and make him invisible. Any attacks that thrown at him will miss instead of dealing 0 damage like Corrupt Miasma. HP should be kept high. After that, Matoya will use Sense Weakness and make him reappear. Now, the real battle begins. Curse will inflict Curse status to a target. Earthquake and Dark will inflict moderate damage to all allies. His two strongest attacks are Return to Darkness and Upheaval and both can hurt all party members badly. Return to Darkness will deal about the same amount of damage as Dark. However, it randomly inflicts a bunch of statues to all allies. Meanwhile, Upheaval is all about damage. It can reach as high as 1400 damage.


At the start of the battle, heal and buff the party. After he re-appears for the first time, Matoya should be protected at all costs. One may need another healer besides Matoya with Curaja. It is very hard to fight him with only Matoya as a healer, because Asmodai can use Return to Darkness anytime and Sense Weakness must be used to bring him back on stage. Also, besides Cure Waltz, do not let her do any time-consuming dances. Return to Darkness will inflict several statuses on the party, so caution is advised. He can also cast Curse, Earthquake and Dark after a physical attack. Curse should be cured as soon as possible. Earthquake and Dark can hurt the party so their HP must be kept high. Also, Asmodai likes to span Dark while he is invisible. The final problem is Upheaval. If party members' HP is low, especially mage's, then this attack will surely be an instant-kill. Heal the party immediately after that and never let him do it while he is invisible. That may kill Matoya and guarantee defeat. Again, this is a difficult fight so if one cannot defeat him, try to gain some levels or change jobs if necessary.

Third BattleEdit


Asmodai has a wide range of attacks. Some of his moves inflict negative statuses. Forsaken reduces a small amount of MP and has a chance to inflict Confuse. Cursed Miasma may inflict Curse and Cursed Miasma may inflict various statuses. Along with his status-inflicting moves, he can use Takedown, Dark and Comet does damage to one target. Comet has the most damage output on a single character, reaching more than 2000 damage on a level 60 party. Quake, Upheaval and even Dark can damage the whole party. Upheaval can do a massive amount of damage on all characters when combined.


The F-ability Esunaga is godsent. Also, Ribbon works as good. IF the party are highly leveled at this point then Asmodai moves can't actually do a lot of damage. However, the party should include least one White Mage or Seer into the party to cast protective spells like Shell as well as Esuna and Curaga when necessary.



Asmodai is an alternate spelling of Asmodeus. Asmodeus is a king of demons known from the deutero-canonical Book of Tobit, in which he is the primary antagonist. The demon is also mentioned in some Talmudic legends. He was supposed by some Renaissance Christians to be the King of the Nine Hells. Asmodeus is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell, and in Binsfeld's classification of demons, each prince represents one of the seven deadly sins. Asmodeus is the demon of lust.

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