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FFLII Ashura Artwork

Ashura (アシュラ, Ashura?) is a god and an antagonist from Final Fantasy Legend II. Ashura became a god with MAGI and now rules Ashura's World. He wants to get the ultimate MAGI so that he can conquer the other worlds.

Ashura used to be a goblin, but he used the power of MAGI and became a monster with three heads and six arms.


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The people of First Town mention to the party that Ashura made a base in North Valley, and his men must be looking for the MAGI. Ashura's monsters are also attacking people outside of towns.

His men manages to retrieve some MAGI in the Relics of the Ancient Gods, they attacked and kill two members of the Guardians just outside of the ruins. When the party tries to retrieve the stolen MAGI in Ashura's Base, they find out that the majority of them were already in Ashura's hands.

When the party reaches the top of his tower, Ashura awaits at the top of a set of stairs. He tells the party that he was about to send someone to tell them that one of his minions micronized and went into Ki's body. He also further says that Ki was born with MAGI in her body which gave her the power of healing. If he gets those MAGI, she will die. Killing two birds with one stone, but now that the party is before him. Boasting further, he says that he'll kill them and that will make it three birds.

Ashura ends up being defeated by the party, but they still have to deal with the minion that he sent inside Ki. The party rushes to Ki in First World at her shrine.

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Ashura has 900 HP and has FFLII ResistanceDamage, meaning that the elemental attacks are useless on him. However, Ashura is vulnerable to status ailments. Ashura also has Flame, the same as the female mutant's starting ability and a variety of physical attacks.



Ashura is the Japanese pronunciation of Asura. Asuras (Sanskrit: आसुर) are deities and beings found in Central, Eastern, and South Asian mythology, with a long history of tradition, syncretization, and adaptation. Originating from Zoroastrianism, an ancient Iranian religion, there are two types of gods: the asuras (the gods of light) and the devas (the gods of darkness); Asura Mazda is the highest asura while Ahriman is the highest deva.

Adapted into Hindu religion, asuras at first were seen as the deities of moral and social phenomena who competed with the devas. Overtime, in contrast with Zorastrianism, asuras are known as evil while the devas are the good deities with their reputations to be known as the lowest tier of deva, associated with malign passions, materialistic pursuits, and carnal pleasures.

Adapted into Buddhism, asuras grew to be known as powerful but violent beings, and as one of the six reincarnations in the cycle of Samsara. They are described as possessed with anger and jealousy while living in a world where peace and resolution is non-existent, and due to these aspects, it is seen to be as one of the Four Unhappy/Cursed Births by the karma of one who engages in war and bloodshed. Unlike former incarnations, there are said to be good and evil asuras. Good asuras are represented as wayward but well-intentioned, with its more prominent figures representing one of the Eight Legions of Buddhism that protect the Dharma. Evil asuras are said to be no different than rakshasas and demons.

Shrines and statues of Asura can be found in Japan. It appears in many Japanese anime, manga, and video games, mostly portrayed as a six-armed god wielding weapons.

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