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Ashura (アシュラ, Ashura?) is the archfiend that acted as a major antagonist in The Final Fantasy Legend. He was responsible for commanding the four other fiends that antagonized the heroes throughout the story.


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When the party confronted Ashura, he was willing to make a deal with them, offering to give a world to each one of them if they'd ally with him. The party refused his offer and the archfiend fought against them, but was defeated. The party proceed to go through the door leading to Paradise, but they subsequently fall down the Tower via a pitfall.

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Ashura has 2000 HP the passive ability FFL Strength IconDamage, making him resists elemental magic attacks. His 6Arms and 3heads are devastating physical attacks that damages a single target. He can inflict Curs through his Gaze ability and Blind which can inflict Blin on all party members.



Ashura is the Japanese pronunciation of Asura. Asuras (Sanskrit: आसुर) are deities and beings found in Central, Eastern, and South Asian mythology, with a long history of tradition, syncretization, and adaptation. Originating from Zoroastrianism, an ancient Iranian religion, there are two types of gods: the asuras (the gods of light) and the devas (the gods of darkness); Asura Mazda is the highest asura while Ahriman is the highest deva.

Adapted into Hindu religion, asuras at first were seen as the deities of moral and social phenomena who competed with the devas. Overtime, in contrast with Zorastrianism, asuras are known as evil while the devas are the good deities with their reputations to be known as the lowest tier of deva, associated with malign passions, materialistic pursuits, and carnal pleasures.

Adapted into Buddhism, asuras grew to be known as powerful but violent beings, and as one of the six reincarnations in the cycle of Samsara. They are described as possessed with anger and jealousy while living in a world where peace and resolution is non-existent, and due to these aspects, it is seen to be as one of the Four Unhappy/Cursed Births by the karma of one who engages in war and bloodshed. Unlike former incarnations, there are said to be good and evil asuras. Good asuras are represented as wayward but well-intentioned, with its more prominent figures representing one of the Eight Legions of Buddhism that protect the Dharma. Evil asuras are said to be no different than rakshasas and demons.

Shrines and statues of Asura can be found in Japan. It appears in many Japanese anime, manga, and video games, mostly portrayed as a six-armed god wielding weapons.

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