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Ascian Prime is a boss in Final Fantasy XIV created when Lahabrea and Igeyorhm use their powers to combine into a stronger being to defeat the Adventurer's party. The Ascian Prime is fought as the final boss of the Aetherochemical Research Facility, and is the penultimate boss of Heavensward.

Battle Edit

The Ascian Prime is much more dangerous than Lahabrea or Igeyorhm. At certain points in the fight, he will gather two immense orbs of fire and ice. One of these must be destroyed before he finishes casting Annihilation, or the party will be instantly wiped out.

After this, several black orbs appear. Players should get inside them to avoid his Universal Manipulation attack, which inflicts several status effects.

After the second Universal Manipulation, orbs will continuously be tethered to players and should be detonated away from others.

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Music Edit

The theme played when Ascian Prime appears is called "The Maker's Ruin", which was last used during the first battle with the Ultima Weapon. XIV