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Ascalon in Final Fantasy XI.

Ascalon (アスカロン, Asukaron?) is a recurring weapon in the series.


Final Fantasy XEdit

Ascalon is a weapon for Tidus, obtainable if the dominant ability on any sword is Double AP.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

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Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Ascalon is a weapon of historical importance to the nation of Ishgard, being the sword of King Thordan I. When Archbishop Thordan VII becomes the primal King Thordan, he creates a massive aetheric replica of the weapon with one of the Eyes of Nidhogg embedded in the hilt, which dissipates once Estinien Wyrmblood removes the eye. Ascalon is not obtainable by players.



The lance or in some versions of the story, a sword that Saint George used to slay the dragon, named after the city Ashkelon.