The Armstrong is an enemy from Final Fantasy IX. It can be found on the Forgotten Continent in the Blairsurpass Plains and Seaways Canyon. It counters attacks with Cannon. It can use Matra Magic, which reduces a character's HP to one. Therefore, it is recommended to use attacks such as Iai Strike, Mustard Bomb, or Freeze to deal with them without fear of counters, or to use skills that will deal enough damage to kill it in one shot.

It resembles a giant house with spider-like legs at the bottom. In this, it somewhat resembles the enemy Hell House from Final Fantasy VII.


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Tetra Master
Location: Black Mage Village

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  • The "secrets" section of Final Fantasy IX Ultimania explains that the legs at the bottom of the Armstrong are cat's legs and that there are four cats holding it up, for a total of sixteen cat's legs. Armstrong also has a cat motif on the weather vane on its roof and a shield on its left side.