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The Armodullahan is an enemy in the Advance, mobile and Steam versions of Final Fantasy VI.


It uses several Death spells like Blaster and Lv. 5 Death, and counters attacks with their special attack Spear twice in a row. It also has fairly high HP. It is weak to Fire, so Firaga attacks are an easy way to defeat it without wasting MP on higher-level spells. Like most undead enemies, it can easily be killed with Raise. They have rare Genji Gloves to steal.

AI scriptEdit

Attack Turns:
1st Turn: Lv. 5 Death (66%) or Attack (33%)
2nd Turn: Thundaga (33%) or Attack (33%) or Roulette (33%)
3rd Turn: Blaster (100%)

If attacked by anything: Spear (100%)

Spear (100%)


The name is possibly meant to evoke the sound of "armadillo", with the "armo" also referring to the word "armor".

The dullahan is a mythical horseman in Irish mythology, and is described as a headless knight who rides a black horse, or sometimes in a cart pulled by several horses, which moves so quickly the friction of the wheels can set roadside hedges on fire. The dullahan will ride through the night, eventually stopping at the location of a person who is set to die and calling out their name, drawing out their soul and killing them. If seen it will violently retaliate against the watcher, dousing them with blood and using a whip made from a human spine to lash out one of their eyes. The dullahan cannot be barred from travel by locks or gates and cannot be outrun, but it is repelled by golden objects and will turn and flee if one is in its path.

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