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FFXV TGS Armiger Arsenal

Noctis using Armiger Arsenal.

Armiger Arsenal is Noctis's special ability in Final Fantasy XV. After obtaining it, it can be invoked by pressing L1 + R1 / Left bumper + Right bumper when Noctis has full MP while in battle. It summons crystal energy in the form of swords to surround Noctis to greatly enhance his battle capabilities, making him faster and stronger and able to continuously use special abilities. In Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae this state drains his MP and ends when he runs out. This has been replaced in Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV by a circular gauge around his weapon slots. The swords for Armiger Arsenal must be found scattered around the world.

The Armiger system makes Noctis a powerhouse and all of his movements warps so he can take on any challenge alone. Because one of the game concepts is cooperation with allies, the Armiger system is intended as a temporary spurt of power for specific situations when the player needs a boost, and is not representative of "normal gameplay" that is intended to include co-op moves with the AI allies.[1] In the Final Fantasy XV canon, the ability isn't limited to Noctis; His father could use the Armiger Arsenal in his younger days, and the mysterious Ardyn Izunia is shown to be using them at one point.

Armiger Arsenal swords Edit

In Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae, there are several special weapons that player can find hidden across the massive region.

Aqesiro Edit

Sword that slices through space and time, allowing its wielder to warp at will.

Noctis already has the Aqesiro equipped at the beginning of the demo, but the player won't be able to use the special abilities from the sword until after finding the next. The game will then instruct the player how to use Armiger during battle.

The Aqesiro has two abilities, one of which is the Warp Strike that will be performed when player presses R1 and X on the PlayStation 4, or the Right bumper and A on the Xbox One at the same time when in Armiger mode. The other ability is the Warp Dodge, which can be done by pressing the L1 and Circle or Left bumper and B simultaneously.

Secace Edit

Armiger Weapon 2 Secace

Secace location.

Storied sword that strikes with waves of resonance. Calls forth the formidable power of the Knightswords.

The easiest heirloom that player has to manually find is located on a cliff northeast of the Digythe Haven camping site.

After acquiring Secace, player will learn how to use Armiger during combat. When player activates it, they will see four phantom swords that will attack nearby enemies.

Galatine Edit

Armiger Weapon -3 Galatine

Galatine location.

Gallant greatsword that cuts through thin air to find its mark. Calls forth the protective power of the Knightshield.

Acquiring the third Armiger Weapon is where things can start to get difficult. The heirloom is located in the Fociaugh Cavern, the southeast area of the map. Before heading there, it is suggested to get acclimated with the battle system, level up a little bit and stock up on a Antidotes and Potions. It is also good to get the second Armiger Weapon to unlock Armiger mode.

With the Galatine in Armiger mode, the player can use the Knightshield by holding L1 on the DualShock 4 or Left bumper on the Xbox One Wireless Controller.

Rhongomyniad Edit

Lance that nimbly negates damage using displacement. Calls forth the preventive power of the Knightguard.

The player will automatically get the fourth weapon, Rhongomyniad, by beating Deadeye for the first time. Hunting down the Behemoth is the demo's main quest. After tracking the Behemoth's lair, the player will be forced to enter into a difficult fight.

With Rhongomyniad, the player can use the Knightguard by pressing L1 or Left bumper when getting hit, and Noctis will "evade" after the attack and regain the HP that was lost.


Etymology Edit

Armiger is a word of Latin origin meaning "bearer, armed".

In the art of heraldry, an armiger is an individual granted the right to use a coat of arms upon the proof of their worth. So far there are many references to King Arthur and his knights. With the tagline for the current trailer being "reclaim your throne" and the central theme of brotherhood it can be suggested that the main story will mirror Arthurian legend.

Secace is the sword that Lancelot used to battle the Saxons at Saxon Rock. It is translated as Seure (Sequence) in the Vulgate Cycle.

Galatine is another name for Galatyn. In Scotland, "Galatyn" means "Gawain's Sword."

Rhongomyniad is a combination of the words "spear" and "slayer" and belonged to King Arthur. It is thought to have passed to Arthur from his father, Uther Pendragon.

References Edit

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