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FFXIII enemy Navidon

The armadillon, also known as armadillion, class is a type of feral creature found in Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. They are ant-eater-like animals found on Cocoon and Gran Pulse. They usually possess high HP, are very resistant to damage, and are hard to stagger.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, all armadillons can be recruited as Sentinels for the party possessing high HP and resistance to status ailments and damage. All have the same Feral Link, with the same effect, physical damage, called Shell Spin.

Feral CreaturesEdit

Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Returns


  • There exists on Final Fantasy XIII-2 disc data regarding an unused armadillon Sentinel called Glyptodon with complete Crystarium. It caps at level 99, comes initially learned with Auto-Haste as well as Resist Magic: +36%, Resist Physical: +26%, and Resilience: +15%. It's "dummied" status may be explained with the fact that Glyptodon starts of with Haste which is hard to come by in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and would make the game too easy.

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