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This barely audible orderly was assigned to assist Class Zero. She never speaks unless spoken to—and even then she doesn't say much, but one cannot help but sense something buried behind her breathy muttering and mumbling...

Aria Luricara (アリア・ルリカラ, Aria Rurikara?)[1] , known as Aria Rurikara in the "Doomtrain" fan-translation of Final Fantasy Type-0, is a supporting character from Final Fantasy Type-0. She is a subordinate of Class Zero that sells items.



According to the Crimson Codex, Aria is 15 years old and 145cm tall.


She tends to be quiet and obedient, often to the point that others have to tell her to speak up. Although appearing submissive at times, Aria is actually a foul-mouthed individual capable of speaking without much of a filter. It was her mother that forbade her from speaking in such a crude way, thus resulting in the passive individual known to Class Zero. When given the permission to speak freely, she cracks and becomes a very boisterous and impulsive person. She was said to have received that tendency of speech from her deceased father who lived in a small town near the Concordian border.


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Final Fantasy AgitoEdit

FFAgito Aria Icon

Aria can be found in the Entrance during the morning, afternoon and evening.

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Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

Aria accompanies Class Zero to Ingram and is encouraged by King and Deuce to be more friendly, which results in her unveiling her true personality, that of a loud and cheerful young girl.

FFT-0 Aria Shot

Aria shot by a sniper after warning Class Zero.

When the rest of Class Zero encounters a Crystal Jammer inside a Militesi government hall, she is seen flinging open the doors to that room and delivering a warning from Kurasame. Immediately afterward, she is tragically shot by a Militesi sniper and was presumed dead by Class Zero. But in actuality, she was brought to Ingram where she is healed before being placed under the watch of Qator Bashtar.

However, following Qator's demise in preventing the Ultima Bomb from destroying the capital, Aria is found wandering Ingram by two Militesi Soldiers. Because Qator had died, the Crystal erased all memories of him; thus, Aria and the Militesi soldiers are bewildered and cannot recall that she had been put under their watch. Remembering only the fact that she came to Ingram with Class Zero and that she was shot, Aria tries to recall the person who saved her. However, the Militesi soldiers shoot her before she could say anything, leaving her motionless on the ground.

As she lay dying, Aria lurches upon a strange sensation that somehow restores her memory. She begins to recall memories of her family, realizing that the person who raised her wasn't even her mother and ruminating upon the fact that she was trying to use Qator to fill the void caused by her family's absence. In her final moments, she comes to proclaim that she has finally found what she has been looking for before passing away.



Aria mans a shop at the Class Zero classroom in Akademeia.

Item Price Available
Potion 100 Initial
Ether 2000 Initial


Aria is voiced by Ai Nonaka in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Type-0. In the English version, Aria is voiced by Paula Rhodes.



[view  · edit  · purge]As a female given name, Aria (לביאה) means "lioness" in Hebrew, or "air" in Italian. It also refers to "aria," a self-contained piece for one voice usually, most commonly found in the context of opera.

[view  · edit  · purge]Luricara means "abandoned dear" in Latin.


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