Argy-2 is a boss in Final Fantasy Dimensions. The first part of this battle is scripted. Once you regain control over your party, the real battle begins.


Her -aga spells hit for about 1000-1100 damage on a single target or about 500+ to your entire party. Her normal attacks hits for around 500+ to the front row. Undine Cry deals around 600-800 damage and applies Sap to your entire party. Argy-2 can also use certain moves that the participating combatants have learned. She uses Omega Boost when she's low on health to boost all of her stats. From here on, she will use some moves that previously fought bosses have used. There is also a chance she will cast Blaster, which can cause Paralysis or outright kill the target.


At the start of the second battle, it is recommended to revive Argy. Argy-2 will constantly cast -aga spells on your party, which can be devastating if you aren't prepared. Using Attune Blade can make the fight easier. Make sure your entire party is under the conditions of Protect and Shell. After she uses Omega Boost she will become more dangerous. This isn't the easiest encounter, so use support Jobs such as Red Mage, White Mage and Bard. Using a physical attacker such as Monk who can use Boost Jump is the best method for killing her. Keep healing your party and keep using Boost Jump until she dies.


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