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The latest and greatest creation of Avalon's most prominent scientist, Dr. Lugae, Argy is an android fueled by mystic energies. Rumors abound of an ultimate weapon being constructed by the Empire - could Argy possibly play a role in its completion?
—Official Description

Argy is an android who is found by the Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy Dimensions. With no memory of her identity, she follows Sol and Sarah when she deems them her parents.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Argy looks like a heavily stylized, ball-jointed doll.

Personality Edit

Argy has the personality of a young child and has no memory of her past, making her curious about her surroundings in an innocent fashion. She clings to Sol and Sarah, whom she adopts as her father and mother. Argy's design is likely based on the Dogū figurines of ancient Japan.

Story Edit


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FFD Argy Summon Pt1-1

Argy investigating a flower in Fabrica.

Designated "RG Model-0", Argy was a robotic prototype designed by Dr. Lugae to provide the Avalonian Empire with a weapon powered by the crystals. Lugae modeled Argy after his long deceased daughter with false memories of being the scientist's biological daughter. When she is escorted by airship by Cid to the Heliogabalus to be installed as the core of the Heliogabalus airship, she is accidentally dropped. Argy survives, but her memory is damaged, and she forgets her name and purpose, though she does retain combat memories.

Sol and Sarah discover Argy where she crashed, deep in a forest north of Fabrica, where the Empire is also searching for her. Argy has no memories of her name, so Sol and Sarah give her a new one. A conversation with Sol and Sarah about families - the concept of parents in particular - causes Argy to see Sol and Sarah as her father and mother. Despite protests from Dusk, the Warriors of Light take Argy along, as they search the area around Fabrica for aid.

The Warriors of Light make their way to the shipyard where the Empire manufactures new airships. At the lowest level of the shipyard, the party is confronted by Cid and Doctor Lugae. Lugae pleads with Argy to remember her father, but Cid activates a remote command he had installed in Argy without the Doctor's knowledge causing Argy to obey Cid's commands. She attacks the Warriors of Light and when her memories of Sol and Sarah cause her to break the override, Cid brings out a new android, constructed in secret from the Doctor's blueprints, in Argy's shape, called the Argy-2. Argy fights her "sister" until she collapses, whereupon the Warriors of Light help her fight off Argy-2. After the battle, Argy collapses, burnt out from the effort.

The laboratory at the bottom of the shipyard explodes, and the Warriors of Light take Argy and follow Doctor Lugae to a small unarmed airship he had hidden in case of an emergency, and flee the facility. Argy remains damaged, but repairable. Doctor Lugae installs Argy into the core of his emergency airship until such a time as she can be repaired in full. As such, he refers to the airship and Argy as one and the same.

In the game's epilogue, Argy has been fully repaired, and has regained her autonomy and ability to walk. She remembers Doctor Lugae as her father, as well as Sol and Sarah.

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Gameplay Edit

Starting Stats Edit

Stat Growth
LV 40
EXP 219480
TNL 21621
HP 1741
MP 236
STR 40
SPD 40
VIT 40
INT 40
MND 40

Stat Growth Edit

Stat Growth
HP +89
MP +89
STR +17
SPD +18
VIT +18
INT +26
MND +26
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As a guest Edit

Argy is a Memorist and has average stats. She equips a diverse set of equipment. Her abilities are varied with access to high level White and Black Magic, as well as Warrior and Monk's abilities. However, they can only be accessed through her Memorandum ability, which will change her menu and give her a random set of commands. Though this makes Argy versatile she can be unreliable if the desired skill-set is not available.

Abilities Edit

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As a summon Edit

Argy is a level 7 summon, acquired when one investigates an Espilia flower in the lower right part of Fabrica as it appeared in the World of Darkness. The Espilia must be brought back to Argy on the airship, whereupon Argy will pledge to help Sol and Sarah and their friends in battle. Argy's ability is "Espilia". When summoned, Argy is teleported to the battlefield, and causes a large number of flowers to bloom that greatly heals the party's HP, and applying a random beneficial status effect on the entire party (Protect, Shell, Attack Up, Haste or Regen). Summoning Argy costs 56 MP.

When Argy is summoned, the background glows a different color to symbolize the status effect that will be applied. Protect is blueish green, Shell is yellow, Attack Up is red, Haste is white, and Regen is green.

Boss Edit

The battle against Argy is scripted and so Argy uses only certain attacks on certain time. At first Argy uses Protect, Shell, Haste and Reflect on herself. After that, Argy can use attack spells such as Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga and physical attacks such as Lotus Strike and Strike. Argy has two signature attacks, Body Slam, and Wave Cannon. The battle ends with Argy using the latter attack, which reduces the characters HP below 10.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit

TCG Argy appears on several cards.