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Argento (アルジェント, Arujento?) is a Tsviet from the Online Mode of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. She plays a minor role in the story.


Her role is not so much of a fighter, but rather that of an instructor or observer, and she is said to embody the phrase, "strength hidden in weakness". She wears a predominately white version of the Deepground Commander uniform with a crown-like visor and an eye-patch over her right eye, and wields what appears to be a black and silver SOLDIER broadsword decorated with various embellishments and an engraved hilt. She created the weapons utilized by the Tsviets with the utmost of care, ensuring that each bore its own unique color.

During her conversation with Shelke, Argento expresses distaste with the Restrictors issuing lowly orders to her and Shelke - and is also involved with the plan to overthrow them. She forged Weiss the Immaculate's signature weapons and presented them to him after he was set free; he subsequently did battle with Rosso, Azul, and the Restrictor to test them, killing the latter and securing their freedom.

Argento, along with the other members of the Tsviets, is present while the player dies after being dealt a fatal wound by the Restrictor, though it is unknown what her fate was following these events. As she has not appeared in any subsequent Compilation titles, she is presumed to have been killed in a battle with the Restrictors.



Argento is the Italian word for "silver".

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