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Below lies information regarding the uncategorized Arcane Labyrinth floors that are unlocked at the Jade Passage floor. These floors tell the story of Deumion.

Floors Edit

Oblivion Edit

AL - Oblivion


Hope Edit

AL - Hope


Destruction Edit

AL - Destruction


  • Obtained: Hope floor.
  • Task: Speak to the Mage in the southeast corner of the castle and find him three Magicite.
  • Reward: Guardian keyword.
  • Tileset: Fynn Castle
  • Treasure: None

Guardian Edit

AL - Guardian


  • Obtained: Destruction floor.
  • Task: Find Deumion before the guards.
  • Reward: Light of Hope key item.
  • Tileset: Mysidia
  • Treasure: None

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