Aranea is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2 first encountered as a boss on floor 20 of Via Infinito. It was once Wen Kinoc. Beyond floor 81 it starts appearing in random encounters.

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The boss can inflict Stop on all party members simultaneously. His attacks are not strong, except for his bite attack, but the Stop effect lasts for about five turns. His strongest attack when he is Oversouled and eats up a girl and spits them out.

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Aranea is the easiest of the Via Infinito guardians; a Dark Knight's Darkness ability is useful, and having an Alchemist healing is also a good idea.

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To enter the Aeon Cup in the Fiend Arena, the player must capture and raise the story levels of eight special creatures. These creatures will immediately be available to be released upon capture, however, what the player has to do is raise their story levels by three and then release them. This will change that particular creature into an aeon. Aranea is one of these eight creatures, capable of being changed into Anima.

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Aranea is a genus of orb-weaver spider.

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